Audrey Hepburn

The other night at work, as I was walking past this older couple’s table, I noticed that every time I passed, the man stared at me until he couldn’t see me anymore.  I was wearing my new earrings from Forever 21 (I don’t know why I think it’s imperative to mention that), the ones that are sparkly and have pearl accents.

I didn’t think anything of it until they were leaving and he came up to the host stand where I was talking to another hostess.  He caught my eye and started talking.

“You look like a movie star.  A really famous one.  Has anyone ever told you that?”

I started laughing, because, no, I was never told (other than by Kyle) that I was anything other than “cute”.  I told him no, and kept laughing.

“You really do.  You look so much like Audrey Hepburn.”

I started laughing even harder.  Was this guy high?  Audrey Hepburn is considered the beauty of her time.  I would not consider myself to look anything like her.

He turned to the other hostess, and asked, “Don’t you think so?  Doesn’t she resemble Audrey Hepburn?”

Alicia, the other hostess, looked at me, seriously considered the question, and shrugged, “I don’t know.”  I just kept laughing.  This guy was crazy.

“She really does resemble her!”

He smiled at me, told us goodnight and then left.

After he left, I kept thinking about Audrey Hepburn.  How could anyone mistake me for resembling her?  I’ve been googling her like crazy, trying to figure out how in the world I resemble her.

It was probably the earrings.


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