Snow Day

Because of the huge storm (imagine me scoffing here; the storm was just a normal, run-of-the-mill Wyoming storm), the college was closed and all classes canceled for yesterday and today.  Here’s some photos of what caused the closing.

Outside the front door:

My building:

The four-way stop:

Kyle and I (or “this kid doesn’t know what a winter coat is“):

Me demonstrating the height of the drifts outside the door: (don’t be fooled; its just snow that was blown up there…it’s not that deep everywhere)

“You call this a storm?!”:


2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Forget scoffing, you look like you are downright ANGRY in that last picture…I would run away with my tail in between my legs if you looked at me like that.

    P.S. We read Dorian Gray this week for my Lit class! (for one of my lit classes, anyway lol.) Ohhhhh, did I love it!!!!

    Hope you made the most of those days off…we’ve been so bitter cold (cold as in about -20 or 30 without wind chill…) here the past couple days, but apparently Laramie never has snow days (never as in…once every four years).
    I REALLY want to experience the College Snow Day.

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