Hey, Can You Hear Me?

I just got back from Mythology, where some weird stuff was going on.

It was quiz day and everyone was concentrating on the paper in front of them.

All of a sudden, we hear a ghostly, disembodied voice whisper, “Hey, can you hear me?”  Everyone looks around to find the culprit, but the voice came from behind the teacher.  He looks at the corner behind him and exclaims, “What the hell?!”

Everyone laughs as he knocks on the board and says, “Hello?”

The voice is pretty much forgotten as we start going over the test.  After the test, we get into lecture, and at the same time the computer freezes, the voice demands, in a scarier voice, “Can you hear me?!”

Definitely not looking forward to going to that classroom on Monday.

P.S. I have all weekend to (start) and finish my books, and finish up Kim’s hat.

*Edited to Add:

New growth!  I thought for sure that my rose had died and was just in the process of decaying, but upon further inspection, I found some tender new leaves!

Now it just needs a bigger pot with better drainage.


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