Job Search

Last night, I signed up on and  Both are supposed to be good sites for both hiring and finding a job.  As you might know (I think I blogged about it), I have a profile on enannysource, but I haven’t had anyone asking me for a job.  I was expecting this to be easy; sign up, post a picture, e-mail a few people and get a job, but it’s not happening like that.  (I always think something is going to be easier than it really is.)

Well, anyways, I signed up for these sites and was content to wait for awhile (I don’t need a job until June) for someone to find me.  I woke up this morning to my phone blinking (that means I have missed calls, e-mails, texts, messages, etc) and turned it on to see a bunch of e-mails in my inbox.

Three of them happened to be from families that were interested in me (all of them were super close to Naperville as well).  One of them was for a 3 month old baby and I knew right away that I wanted the job.  I researched the town (it’s so cute and small), read over the family’s profile, looked at pictures (the baby is so cute!) and e-mailed them back.

Right away, they responded in kind and we talked about dates.  They said that my dates work for them.

This may mean that I have a summer job.


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