I was surprised when my shy sister told me that she was pregnant.

I loved every minute of it.

(I hated leaving your home because I knew that you were coming any day.  Turns out, you would show up hours after I left.)

It seems like yesterday I was holding your tiny body, your face red because you screamed every time I touched you.

Before long, you outgrew that, but you were still nervous when you saw me after being away for awhile.

But you always warmed up to me.

You were always such a chubby little guy (but oh-so-cute).

And then you were one, playing in your cake (and flinging it on me).

You came to prom:

And graduation:

And before I knew it, you weren’t a baby anymore; no more cuddling, no being carried.  You had a mind of your own.

But you were so little after a bath (which you love):

And you cuddled in your sleep still:

But then your brother came:

And you weren’t the center of the cozy little world you grew up in.

But, if you don’t tell anyone I told you this, I’ll tell you a secret:

You’re still my favorite nephew.


One thought on “Three

  1. This made me want to cry. Seeing your nephew grow up so fast and then watching mine grow up too make me realize how fast Brayden is going to grow up. :( So now you’ve made me want to keep a scrapbook of his every move!

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