Tuesday Questions

(I did this Tuesday night but posted it on Wednesday!  I’ve been super busy…can you blame me?)

1.) Mood: Tired and a bit sore, and a little bit stressed because I have so much school work to do.

2.) Relationship status: Single, In a Relationship, or Complicated? In a relationship :)

3.) How old were you when you had your first kiss? This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but Kyle was my first kiss, and I believe I was 17.

4.) Current nail polish: Just clear! My nails have had so much nail polish on them this week that they started peeling off with the polish.  Not good.

5.) Do you like Valentine’s Day? I used to hate it, but since I got a boyfriend, I like it now.  It also helps that it marks our anniversary.

6.) Describe your perfect date. Something fin that makes both people happy.  I loved going out for sushi last night with Kyle and just talking and seeing a movie with him (The Eagle, and I thought it was pretty good, if you were wondering.)

7.) Current outfit: Refugee jeans and an American Eagle grey shirt.

8.) Do you like Sweetheart message candies? I don’t like the chalky ones, but I like the sourish ones.

9.) Do you have any special plans for today? Today is over (well, when you read this, it will just be starting…), but I’m hoping to get started on some papers that are due very soon.

10.) Weekly goals: Get papers started (done?), film a haul video with the stuff I got at Ulta (I got a reward certificate for something free, so I may go pick that up before filming), and enjoy the week.  Finish my book, start my new one and keep up on blogging.

P.S. You guys! There’s only

until I get to read the new one!  I better hurry and finish the two right away! :)


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