Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood:
For some reason, I’m excited for this week.  It probably has to do with my upcoming hair appointment, facial, brow wax, plane trip home, and tattoo!

2.) What is your astrological sign and, if you know what it means, do you think it fits you?
I’m a scorpio, and I think it does fit me.  Most of it anyways.

3.) Did anything exciting happen over the weekend?
Not at all.

4.) Current nail polish:
L.A. Colors in Metallic Silver.  I love how bright and sparkly it is.

5.) What is your favorite month of the year?
Summer months.

6.) Can you skateboard?
I almost killed myself trying…numerous times.  I would love to know how to though.

7.) Current outfit:
Refugee jeans (these are my FAVORITE.) green shirt from DEB and black and white socks from Stacia :)

8.) If you had one selfish wish, what would it be?
I’m a selfish person (sad but definitely true), and I would wish to live as a 20 something person forever.  Death freaks me out.

9.) Cargo pants: yay or nay?
Depends on the day…

10.) Weekly goals:
Finish a 10-12 page paper due on Monday, blog more often and more in depth, and finish the hats I started!


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