Come in Threes

What a bad ending for an okay week.  Today was the day we were notified (via campus mail) if we were accepted for the RA position.

I gave myself a pep talk as I walked the three minutes to the post office.  When I saw the letter, my stomach dropped with nerves.  I told myself to wait until I got back to my dorm to open it, but I couldn’t.

If you can’t read that, it’s a rejection letter.  I hate how polite it is.

To top that off (or the rejection tops this off, because this happened last night), I got a call last night in the middle of class from home.  They don’t call me very often, and I knew that something was up.  I called back, and my grandma told me that her brother, Bob Gray (my great uncle, my favorite, actually) had been found dead lying beside his pick up.

Needless to say, I left class and cried.  A lot.  I’m still in shock, and the little memories that I have make me cry when they are brought to mind.

I’m scared though.  What’s that saying?  “Bad things come in threes“?  There’s one more bad thing waiting in the wings…I can feel it.




*Edited to Add:

I think I found the third thing: my favorite earring (which I’ve been wearing for at least 3 months) is missing.  It must have fallen out.  Let’s hope just a missing earring is the third thing…


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