A Legging Rant

Let me start with this:


They are thin, they are (most of the time) nearly see-through, and they are made to be worn with tunic-type shirts.  Shirts that cover most IF NOT ALL of your butt.  I can understand wearing them to work out in, or lounging around the house.  But you don’t wear them out of those two settings, unless you wear a shirt that covers your butt.

I saw a girl today wearing a regular length shirt (read, the hem was just under the belly button) with a pair of cropped leggings.  Leggings that were worn and old, probably favorites.  Leggings that were thin to begin with.  Leggings that I could see EVERY DIMPLE IN HER BUTT through.  While waiting for my food, this is not something I want to be stuck behind.  It was like a car wreck…I couldn’t take my eyes away.

Seriously?  Did you not consult the mirror before you left your room?  Her makeup was perfectly done, her hair looked like some time had been invested, and her shirt was a dressier kind.  Then, there were the ratty leggings.

After leaving that girl behind, it wasn’t long before I met another girl (both were larger girls, too) who was wearing a shirt with leggings as pants.  I could see panty lines, and every bulge in her upper legs.

Is this a new trend that I’m missing out on?  If so, I will have no part of it.  Repeat this mantra whenever you feel like leggings and a t-shirt are okay:

Leggings are not pants.


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