Tuesday Questions

Sorry I wasn’t here yesterday, guys!  It was a super lazy day (it’s the end of the term, so nothing is due and finals are in a week); I took a long nap, read, and watched Nip/Tuck with Kyle.  Spring Break is so close!

1.) Mood:
I have to get ready for work soon, but I’ve been listening to MGMT since I got out of bed, and it’s been a good day.  But I had some freaky dreams (one about being raped and no one believing me), and they’re still lingering in my head.

2.) What is the closest blue object to you?
A bag of Tostitos bite size chips that I took from Kyle’s room.

3.) What is your favorite card game?
Definitely Rummy.  But I also like Speed.

4.) Current nail polish:
LA Colors Pearl with Metallic Silver on the tips.

5.) Do you consider yourself to be a good dancer?
No.  I can’t move my body in an attractive way.  I don’t even TRY to dance.

6.) What is the best haircut you have ever had?
My last haircut (here) was my favorite because I knew I looked awesome, and everyone confirmed it.  But I also loved having my head shaved.  It was the easiest haircut I’ve ever had, and my face looks good with really short hair.

7.) Current outfit:
Since I just got out of bed, I have my pajamas on; Kyle’s white v-neck and grey sweatpants.

8.) Do you have a fear of flying on airplanes?
Not at all, but I do get really sore muscles.  I have a major fear of turbulence (on the way back from Florida, we hit some really bad turbulence, and I almost cried; it was my first time experiencing it, and I was sure that we were going to crash and I was going to die) though.

9.) What is the last movie you watched?
The last movie in theaters was “The Eagle”, but I can’t remember the last DVD…I think it was maybe Inglorious Basterds, which, I have to admit, I loved.

10.) Weekly goals:
Get enough hours at work to make enough money to pay my monthly bills.  Brave my dentist appointment tomorrow.


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