Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy, the last of the new nail polishes I ordered from Cherry Culture, is a very creamy, semi-dark purple.

I wasn’t as happy with this as I thought I would be.  It took FOUR coats to get good coverage, and still left little “bald spots” where the brush started.  It didn’t dry as fast as the others, either.

And when I picked it up, the top fell off.  It gave me quite a scare the first time, because I thought I was going to break the bottle, but every time it happened after that, it just made me angry.

It smeared terribly  (look at the pinky nail on the second photo for evidence), even after giving it about two minutes per coat to dry.  It’s a gorgeous purple, once it’s on, but I don’t think it’s worth the effort, or the really cheap price.  I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone really.  It’s a shame, though, because it’s such a pretty spring purple.


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