Is the first day of the Master Cleanse, and I wanted to show you how well I’m prepared for it:

The (2 bags of) lemons/(1 bag of)limes (you can use either for a taste difference, or a tablespoon of each), maple syrup, and salt were purchased at Trader Joe’s.  We looked for the tea at Trader Joe’s, at Casey’s, at a random pharmacy, but then I remembered it being mentioned at Walgreens.  Sure enough, we went there and it was on the top shelf in the pharmacy aisle, on sale for $4 a box.

We’re going out to eat tonight as a last hurrah to real food for 10 days at Red Lobster (Lobster Fest!), and then I plan on drinking a cup of the tea (with sugar!) before I go to bed.  After tonight, the tea will not have sugar or honey in it, unless I ration some out.

I have the dentist on the 23rd, and then school starts back up on the 28th.

So…who’s all doing this cleanse with me?  I can’t wait to start! Can you?


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. *raises hand* haha I’m pretty excited for it! I can’t say I’m looking forward to…crappier events in the cleanse but hey, at least I’ll be clean afterwards! I am walking here soon to the organic foods store down the street to look for the ingredients, if they don’t have the tea there then I’m going to the Walgreens a few blocks away. I should start a blog just to post about each day so we can compare? Hmm.

    • You definitely should! I love having a goal that I feel I need to do everyday. It helped when I had really bad winter depression; it made me get out of bed and do something even when I didn’t want to. If you do a blog, you’ll get addicted to it. And if you start one, start it on WordPress, and make sure to link me to it…and I can help you out of you need it! :)

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