Day One or “Too Much Cayenne”

I started this whole thing last night with a nice smelling cup of Senna tea.  The directions to brew it were extremely specific, and after letting it steep covered for 8-10 minutes (I cleaned), you’re supposed to give it a squeeze to get every last drop out.  I noticed when I squeezed it that it had a strange oily substance deep in the tea bag.  I ignored it, and put a few ice cubes in my tea to cool it down to a drinkable temperature.  I didn’t add sugar, because the smell of this tea was so good; black licorice!

But after the first gulp, it didn’t taste as good as I thought it might.  It left an oily feeling on the back of my throat and something about that texture made me want to throw up.  After about 3 gulps, I felt the need to visit the bathroom, but it wasn’t a strong urge or anything.  I ended up drinking the entire thing (pinching my nose for some of it, and feeling nauseous when I unplugged my nose), and then some time after 12:56, I fell asleep.

When I woke up well-rested this morning, I crawled out of bed and wondered why I didn’t have an “urge” to go.  I wandered downstairs, trying to be quiet and not wake up Kyle, who was sleeping on the couch (still is as I write this).  As I was opening the salt to make my very first SWF (salt water flush), I felt something shift in my belly.  I pretty much ran to the bathroom.

Satisfied, I returned to the kitchen to finish up the SWF.

32 oz is 4 cups of water.  I made mine in this large measuring cup and then poured it into a regular glass.  The first drink wasn’t so bad.  I mean, I love salt, and this was nice tasting salt (not the gross iodized stuff, which is hard for me to even gargle).  I tried to drink as much as I could in one go so I didn’t chicken out.  You guys, this is a LOT of stuff to drink!

I could feel it sloshing around in my belly, and I forced more and more salt water down my throat.  I could feel myself getting slightly nauseous, I think because I’m not used to drinking so much at one time, and the last bit (which was probably about a cup and a half) sat on the counter, staring at me.  I was crouched on the floor for awhile, clutching my stomach with one hand, and covering my face with the other.

I told myself that I didn’t have to drink ALL of it.  I mean, it was the first day, and the portion that I drank would be fine.  Then, I picked up the glass and downed it.  I felt so proud of myself.  I couldn’t start the entire cleanse on the wrong foot, could I?  I can feel my belly gurgling as we speak.  It’s a strange sensation.

Next, I started the Lemon drink.  You’re not supposed to drink anything for an hour after the SWF unless you dilute it, so I started this to put in the fridge so it’s there when I want it.  I started by rolling a lemon on the counter to soften it up.  I rolled and rolled and rolled, with increasing pressure until the lemon felt almost like a ball of clay, and the scent of lemon was in the air.  I cut it in half, and stuck it on the juicer.

I twisted it and pushed it until I was sure there was no juice left in there.  I did that with both halves.  Then, I measured the syrup into the glass.

Because I didn’t strain the lemon juice or anything, it was pretty pulpy.  I like the pulp, so if you don’t, strain it first.  It smelled so good while I was mixing everything together!

I added everything to the right amount of water (in the big measuring cup again), and then opened the cayenne pepper.  The recipe doesn’t call for a certain amount, just enough to taste.  I wasn’t sure how much to add, so I shook some in.

I stirred everything up, and spooned a little bit into my mouth.  I almost yelped at the burn!  I ended up dragging the spoon over the surface to get rid of some of the cayenne, and I kept making a little bit more of the drink to balance it out.  It’s still a little spicy (and I’m not a fan of spicy foods), but it’s as good as it gets.  For those of you wondering, this is what the lemon drink looks like.

It actually doesn’t taste too bad.  I could drink it for 10 days no problem.  I’m just going to work with the cayenne pepper bit…




P.S. See you tonight to regale you with tales of the first complete day!


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