I started the cleanse today, and I’m miserable.  I know that’s the name of the game, but I’ve made a pretty tough decision.

I’ve decided to postpone the master cleanse until Sunday or Monday morning.  I feel like I’m letting everyone down, but I’ve decided this for several reasons.

For one, I don’t think my body can handle a 10 day master cleanse (what with the weight loss).  I’ve said this before; I’ve done tons of research, but before last night, I never really got into the people against the master cleanse.  One blogger said that she had lost 20 some pounds.  I don’t have that much to lose.  I feel like if I only go a week, I won’t have as much weight loss.  Even if I do gain it all back, going that low (80ish pounds) scares me to death.

Another reason is that Kyle, who was going to do the cleanse with me from the start isn’t starting yet (because of the third reason), and without support from him (who will know what I’m going through), I don’t think I can manage this.  I know that several other people were planning on the cleanse with me, but Kyle is right here to comfort me when it gets really bad.

The third reason is dinner reservations.  They aren’t really a reason, so much as they’re just an excuse.

I hope that I haven’t let anyone down, and if anyone has started with me today (and I haven’t talked to you about it), good luck and I hope I don’t discourage you.  If anyone would like to postpone their own cleanse in order to start with me, let me know; I would love to partner up with you!


One thought on “Postponed

  1. I admire you guys for trying this, and I admire you even more for being aware of your body and its limits. Too many girls would do this purely to lose weight, not for the real purpose of a cleanse, and it’s so great that you recognize that. Kudos to you for having such great self awareness. I have struggled with that forever!

    I have actually been thinking about doing a cleanse of some kind but haven’t found anything that I think I can manage. I have to stay away from caffiene and other things that will aggrevate my heart condition, so that’s a challenge. I’d be interested to know how you went about your research and what you’ve found.

    Sending moral support and love from Washington :)

    PS – Thanks again for meeting us for lunch this weekend. It was so good to see you guys! Hopefully

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