Back at College

So I’m back at college and this morning went to my first class of the term.  After, I checked the mail (as always).  I had packages!  They were mostly books for class, but also, my yarn that I was super excited to get back to.

Bachelor Button: (a gorgeous dusty blue/purple)

Wisteria: (a really light purple that looks gray next to grays, blue next to blues, and purple next to purples; it would bring the purple out of Bachelor Button)

Robot: (a super light gray that instantly caught my eye…I love grays!)

French Blue: (A deep but bright ultramarine blue)

Cadet: (A silvery light blue)

I’m not sure why, but the blues and grays really caught my eye this time.  Cadet is Wool of the Andes, and all of the rest are Shine Worsted.  The Shines are all super soft and shiny (as the name sort of implies).  I haven’t had the urge to knit yet, but when it hits, I’ll be ready.


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