A Place I Can Call My Own

Moving to college, away from my family, my friends, my environment, as you know, was really hard for me, and the effects seem to be hitting me right now.  I’ve struggled to make friends, keep friends, and find somewhere where I’m accepted.  I’m shy enough that it’s hard to just talk to others, but I also don’t know how to make friends.  I came from a small town in Wyoming, and I knew everyone.  I didn’t have to make friends because I knew people, and they were automatic friends.  But here, I’m lucky if I know one person in my classes.  And if I do know them, I’m lucky if they actually like me.

I haven’t found a niche here yet, not that I’m trying all that hard.  I’m scared that I’ll get rejected instantly, and rather than face that, I just stay in my room with my door closed playing the “poor me” game, sometimes crying in bed.  I’m not fishing for pity here, I’m just stating a fact.

When I was moving back to college, I noticed a word on a window.  Fibers.  I got super excited and was almost jumping out of my skin.  It was closed all of the times I tried to go, but today when I got off of work, I headed over there.  Instantly, I felt welcome.  Just the aura of the room made me feel like I had left Naperville and went back home where everyone knew me.

I bought yarn.

100% Bamboo yarn:

100% Acrylic yarn (I’m not a huge fan of acrylic, but this is so pretty.):

There is Open Needle Night tomorrow, and I’ll be there.  This might be my niche.


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