Insidious Thunderstorms

Kyle and I went to see Insidious last night at 7:20, and the instant I sat down, I knew I didn’t want to stay.  I turned to Kyle and, halfway joking and halfway not, said “I don’t wanna see this…Can we go to something else?”  It succeeded in scaring the crap out of me, although the end hour was pretty cliche.

On the way home, we drove down a scary road with forest on one side, and low lighting.  Kyle rolled down my window and I freaked out (i.e. screamed a bloodcurdling scream and slammed against the window in a effort to make it stop going down, therefore popping it off its tracks, and then crying the rest of the way home).

I knew that going to bed was going to be an ordeal, especially since there were the slight rumblings of a thunderstorm in the distance.  I fell asleep, feeling not good.

I woke up not much later (at about 1:30) and was terrified.  Absolutely, clutching the sheets, scared out of my head.  I was looking around, and my roommate was not back yet.  I searched the room from my bed, looking in every dark spot (which weren’t many because the lamp was on).  My window was open (its too hot for it to be closed), and the wind was making posters and papers on the wall flap wildly.  I texted my roommate, and she told me that she was out in the lobby because she didn’t want to wake me up.  I resisted the urge to beg her to come to the room so I wouldn’t be alone.

I lay in bed, falling asleep randomly then jerking awake.  I called Kyle at 2 a.m. but he wasn’t awake still.  I thought about leaving my room and going to Kyle’s, but was too scared to get out of bed.

Finally, my roommate comes in, and shuts the lamp off.  I still can’t sleep.  Things that are completely normal are freaking me out, and the fear of falling asleep and astro-traveling (main feature in Insidious) and being stuck somewhere bad keep me jerking awake.

At 3, I hear the growlings of my computer (which is completely normal, partly because I left a disc in), but they sound so malignant and evil that I get chills listening to them.  I yank back the blankets and get out of bed.  I pull the computer open and shut it off.

I still couldn’t fall asleep.  The building is fairly shaking with the storm, and my bed doesn’t feel safe to me anymore.  The rustlings of my roommate sleeping finally lull me to sleep, and I dream of nameless things trying to get me.

I don’t think I should be watching scary movies when a storm front is heading to town.


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