Tuesday Questions

It’s finally starting to look (and feel!) like spring here in Naperville, so today’s questions pretty much have to do with Spring!

1.) Mood: I’m not in the best mood in the world, partly because I didn’t completely finish the assignment that was due this morning at 9 (had to be posted before 9, or no credit), but I’m having an okay morning so far with my lemon tea and a fresh breeze coming in the window.

2.) What’s the best thing about Spring (in your opinion)?  The bright green grass!  I love when the sprouts start peeking through the old brown stuff (or at home, through the snow).  The flowers starting to grow are also a favorite of mine.  And don’t forget the bright spring colors in your wardrobe!

3.) What’s your favorite thing to do outside in nice weather?  I love hiking, walking, biking, or just reading.

4.) Current nail polish:  L.A. Colors in Bronze Bombshell.

5.) What’s one thing you are looking forward to this month?  It’s not this month, it’s actually near the end of next, but I finally get to go visit home!  I’m only there for a few days, but I’m super excited to see my family and friends again.  And get my new tattoo :)

6.) What is your favorite Easter memory?  I loved doing the Easter egg hunts that my church put on.  When I got older (and started nannying), I  loved watching Sam find an egg and be completely over the moon about it.

7.) Current outfit:  Pink peace shirt from the Rocky Mountain Mission Center, and red North Central pants that I made into capris.

8.) What song is playing on repeat for you right now?  It’s kind of stupid, but I’m in LOVE with “Run Away” by the Sun Stroke Project & Olia Tira.  It was a contest entry for the Eurovision 2010 contest in Europe, and it’s the original song that the Sax Roll (this has the trusting) came from.  Enjoy this:

9.) What is your favorite spring nail polish (toes and fingers)?  I love wearing bright oranges and pinks the best, but also blues.

10.) Weekly goals:  Get homework, try to understand this weird math, and enjoy some time outside.


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