My ER Trip

I’ve had a ton of people asking me what happened to send me to the ER (and keep me there for 4 hours), and rather than explain to each and every one of you, I figured I’d make a blog post about what happened.

It all started in the bathroom.  I was wearing a hoodie of mine, and my lanyard with my keys was in my pocket.  As I was bending over the toilet to flush, my keys fell out into the toilet and WHOOSH.  They were gone.  I yelled, “OH SHIT.”, and ran down to my room and pounded on the door.  My roomie let me in and I told her what happened.  She kind of laughed, I did too.

I then proceeded to go to my Hall Director’s office and told him what happened.  He looked at me in disbelief and asked, “You legit flushed your keys?”  After assuring him that, yes, I did flush them, what do I do now?, he gave me some temporary keys and explained the cost of getting replacement keys (and if something happened to the toilet, that would be something I pay for as well), and I’m sure dollar signs were flashing in my eyes.  I called Kyle and explained what had happened and he told me to call him later with more details.

As I left his office, I was convinced that I needed to check the toilet…maybe my keys had come back up.  Sure enough, when I peeked down into the toilet bowl, I spied a shimmer of metal.  I reached in and grabbed them.  I then jumped, ran, sprinted, and screamed pretty much the entire way back to Mark’s office.  I was jumping up and down and water was going everywhere.

I went back to the bathroom and washed my keys in some hot water with soap, and then took them to my rooms to wrap them up to dry.  I called Kyle to tell him that I had found my keys.  I was sitting on the edge of my bed, and all of a sudden, my body just kept shaking.  It got worse and worse until I felt like I was about to pass out.  I asked Kyle to come down and he did.

This shaking was something I couldn’t control; it was like I was shivering, but more violent.  The Hall Director came to my room because of my roomie’s frantic pleas to him, and before I knew it, I was being led to a car to take me to the wellness center.  I knew they couldn’t do anything, but I don’t have insurance and couldn’t pay for an ER visit.

I was sent to the ER when the nurses couldn’t take my Blood Pressure because I was shaking so hard.  I refused the ambulance though.

When I got through admissions, I was led, shaking, to my very own room.  I was told to strip, and needed help to do so.  I crawled into bed and was hooked up to the normal things; sticky pads on my chest, pincher thing on my finger, and a BP cuff on my arm.

When the doctor came in, everyone who was with me was asked to leave while he talked to me.  When he left, they were supposed to be sent back in.  The nurse came in to tell me that they needed some blood to test.  I asked if I could have someone with me, because I hate needles, and she said, of course, I’ll go get them.

No one came back with her, and I went through my first IV by myself.  It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would; the saline they pumped back in hurt, and moving my arm too much hurt.  (It also hurt to have that IV line taken out when I was finally told I could leave.)

After the blood draw (I was still shaking, but by this time, it was only my right arm shaking), I was told to get a urine sample.  I was led into the bathroom, and with the IV in my arm, and shaky, I ended up peeing on my hand and wrist and wincing in pain when I tried to avoid it, because my IV would pull when my arm was at an angle.

I then had to have an EKG done (more sticky things on my chest).  That came back clear.

I was pushed all the way for a CT scan, which was sort of fun, but it came out clear, as well.

So I was released with a prescription of anti-anxiety pills, a doctor to check back with, and a whole bunch of sticky things on me.

(I still have the sticky things on me.)


One thought on “My ER Trip

  1. Holy shit, that is one big hole in your arm. I am so sorry you had to go through all that drama AND trauma, too. My heart hurts for you. I need to come and put my arms around you. XOXOXOXO

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