An Intruder

An unwelcome visitor jolted my roomie and I out of our beds late one night as we were talking.  It sauntered happily across the ceiling, eliciting shrieks from us both.  When my roommate was brave enough to squish it on the ceiling, it fell onto her bed and we both screamed.  To make it worse, she shook the blanket, almost sending the dreaded little creature onto MY bed.

After a few more minutes of being freaked out, we both climbed into bed again, only to notice ANOTHER intruder, right out of the same place as the first.  It then crawled all the way across the room to my side.

Needless to say, more screaming.  (It was about 1:00 am at this time.)  My roommate stood on my bed, with her boot in her hand, and tried to coax that little sucker out where she could kill it.  We both jumped and screamed when it JUMPED forward an inch or so.  When she finally got it in a place to kill it, we made sure that it was dead; the boot squished and smeared its body on the wall.

I’d rather have a spider smear than a crawling one.


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