Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood: Tired, sick, sore.  It’s a rainy day and as I walked to and from math this morning, I got completely soaked and haven’t really shook off the chills.  I’ve been lying in bed, but I’m just not warming up.

2.) Do you write in cursive? It’s more of a half cursive/half regular kind of thing.

3.) When was the last time you ate Sour Patch Kids? Wow.  Not that long ago. Probably at the theaters.

4.) Current nail polish: A big nothing!

5.) What is your favorite makeup removing product? The Garnier Nutri-Pure oil-free wipes.  I loove how moisturizing they are.

6.) Do you prefer to shower at night or in the morning? In the morning… If I go to bed with wet hair, it’s aaall messed up in the morning.

7.) Current outfit: Red school capris, long brown t-shirt with American Eagle tan cable knit sweater over top.

8.) Halter tops– yay or nay? Nay.  I used to wear them ALL the time, but now that I’m all grown up (ha!) I’m a bit too old to wear them.

9.) What is your favorite Disney movie? Beauty and the Beast for sure.  Lion King is next up.

10.) Weekly goals: Get my hair cut and colored (tomorrow!), read some books, do well on my people and nature test, and relax over the weekend (as much as possible).

As always, feel free to do your questions in the comments…I love to hear how you all answer these as well!


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