Tuesday Questions (On a Wednesday)

1.) Mood: Tired, sick, sore.  (Same as last week!)  I’m not feeling well, so I called in and got someone else to cover my shift at work.  Now, I’m sitting at the computer, trying to ignore how crappy I feel.

2.) Do you prefer movies in theater or in the comfort of your own home?  It depends on the movie, but I like both.  I love to go see movies in the theaters because of the experience, but I dislike the price tag.  If it’s a movie that I’ve been waiting to see for awhile (like African Cats!), I’ll stand in line to see it.

3.) Water: Regular or flavored?  At our dining hall, we have little water carafes (is that the right word?) that have water with misc. fruit in them; pineapple, oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit, and today they had cucumber.  It makes the water a little classier (to me anyways), and makes me want to drink it.  I loved drinking water at home though, straight out of the tap.  And I want to try the whole Mio thing.

4.) Current nail polish: I’m trying a tutorial called “Royal Wedding”.  An OPI matte (in Russian Navy), Rimmel (in Burgundy Flirt), Sally Hansen (Clear coat) and NYC (Little Italy) all go into this.

5.) Who was your best friend in elementary?  Are you still friends today?  I had several; Erica, Lindsey, and Lacey.  Erica is still a best friend, Lacey I don’t really see often, and Lindsey is a friend on Facebook…

6.) Do you sit or stand up to do your makeup/hair?  I prefer to stand up.

7.) Current outfit: Some Refugee jeans, a t-shirt, and a green AE hoodie.

8.) What is your favorite flavor of sucker?  I looove anything grape.  But I also love cherry, blue raspberry, or plain raspberry.  I hate strawberry/banana flavored things.

9.) What’s the most expensive thing on your wish list (beauty or other)?  A camera.  A Canon rebel.

10.) Weekly goals: Get some homework done.


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