Day at the Field Museum [In Photos]

My souvenir:

I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have.



That’s Beefsteak tomato, Chammy, and Gala Apple.  After the unfortunate “fall” that Chammy took, she was too far down in her old home to get enough light.  I figure that she can live in a cup until she outgrows it.  (As you can see, she’s grown A LOT.)  (And if you were wondering, the arrows on the tomato are where I planted a seed.  I like being organized.)

Appalachian Trail/Tuesday Questions

I went to a speaker today for my People and Nature class, and he talked about hiking the Appalachian trail (all 2100 miles of it) in 2008.  That makes me want to hike it.

Onto the questions!

1.) Mood: Blah.  I’m not having a bad day, but it’s not fantastic either.

2.) What was your first car?  Are you still driving it?  If not, what happened to make you not drive it?  My first car was a hand-me-down from my dad; a bright teal Oldsmobile Achieva.  I loved that car to death even though it was pretty beat up.  I’m not still driving it because it was the unfortunate casualty in my car wreck.

3.) What’s your favorite book this year?  I’m having a hard time getting into “The Land of Painted Caves” (which is awful!  But I just can’t finish it knowing that there is nothing else coming after this one), but I’ve really enjoyed re-reading all of Jean M Auel’s other books.

4.) Current nail polish:  I have absolutely NOTHING on my nails…It feels nice and freeing!

5.) What T.V. show are you addicted to?  (Or have been addicted to?)  I’m in love with The Tudors because I love the story of Henry the 8th and his wives.

6.) How do you get your exercise?  I don’t.  I need to start working out, but I always miss the fitness classes, or I skip them because I don’t want to go alone.  But the walk from my People and Nature class back to my dorm is exhausting; up the hill.

7.) Current outfit: Coral and white striped maxi dress from Kohl’s.  I loooooove it.

8.) What perfume are you wearing the most this season (so far)?  I’m loving Bath and Body Work’s Secret Wonderland still.  It’s a winter smell, but I love how it smells.  And it has amber in it which is pretty much my signature scent.

9.) What pajamas are you currently sporting to bed?  I’ve been wearing an old shirt of Kyle’s with either my NCC capris (that are homemade) or linen plaid pants.

10.) Weekly goals:  Do well on the math test on Thursday, and get through the rest of the week.

An Intruder

An unwelcome visitor jolted my roomie and I out of our beds late one night as we were talking.  It sauntered happily across the ceiling, eliciting shrieks from us both.  When my roommate was brave enough to squish it on the ceiling, it fell onto her bed and we both screamed.  To make it worse, she shook the blanket, almost sending the dreaded little creature onto MY bed.

After a few more minutes of being freaked out, we both climbed into bed again, only to notice ANOTHER intruder, right out of the same place as the first.  It then crawled all the way across the room to my side.

Needless to say, more screaming.  (It was about 1:00 am at this time.)  My roommate stood on my bed, with her boot in her hand, and tried to coax that little sucker out where she could kill it.  We both jumped and screamed when it JUMPED forward an inch or so.  When she finally got it in a place to kill it, we made sure that it was dead; the boot squished and smeared its body on the wall.

I’d rather have a spider smear than a crawling one.

Signs of Spring

The green grass sprouting up never fails to make me happy, but the sight of Cadbury eggs in stores is the one thing I look forward to the most in the Spring.  It seems like these little treasures are only available around spring, and that’s makes them all the better.  If they were around any other time, I would get tired of them.

What’s one sign for you that spring has definitely sprung?  Happy weekend, everyone! :)



P.S.  My bruise is turning all sorts of colors; I noticed last night and grossed my roommate out showing her.