Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood: I just got back from a class that I got good news in (and had a wonderfully stimulating discussion about soy, packaging and mass production), took a nice cool shower (because it’s hot outside), and now I’m just relaxing.

2.) What is your favorite vegetable?  I love olives (those are vegetables, right?), cucumbers and tomatoes the best, but I love vegetables to begin with.

3.) What was your favorite T.V. show when you were younger?  King of the Hill, The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad.  I love animated shows, and these are so funny.

4.) Current nail polish: Just clear.  I started moving all my stuff to Trish’s house and I took all my polishes.

5.) If you could choose your eye color, what color would you pick?  I would choose a really light grey if I could, but I like my eye color already, so I’m content with them.

6.) What is your favorite summer activity?  Anything to do with water and being outside; I’m practically a fish when it comes to water.

7.) Current outfit:  White athletic shorts, white sports bra and a towel wrapped around my wet hair.

8.) What is your favorite soap scent?  Amber/woods or anything citrus-y/floral.  I tend to like the amber/woods in the colder months, and the citrus/floral in the warmer months.

9.) What country have you always wanted to visit (or live in)?  I’ve always wanted to live in Europe more than America, and Italy and France were always on the top of the list.  The languages are beautiful, and I only hope the land is, too.  But I’m planning on going to Germany (my motherland!) this next summer.  But I also want to live on an island with a barter system, where corruption isn’t common, and happiness runs rampant.  It’s a beautiful dreamland, this island of mine.  (I kind of picture it as the island in “Shanna“.)

10.) Weekly goals: OMG ONLY ONE WEEK OF COLLEGE LEFT.  Get through classes and finals, find out what I’m doing in the section of time where I’m kicked off campus, and I move into Trish’s, and get packed up.


Hello, Weekend!

The newest edition of the weekly love list.  I’m trying to do a new thing, where I do one product I’m loving, and the other two items on the list could be anything (food, flowers, feelings, music, etc).

1. Jell-O.  Red Jell-O, yellow Jell-O, green Jell-O, any flavor, anytime.  I’m literally obsessed with it.  At first, when I saw the Jell-O in the dining hall, I was like, “There is NO way I’m going to eat that.  It looks bad.”  But, I had to try it, because I saw other people doing it, and figured it couldn’t be half-bad.  I tried a chunk…And I was in love.  I fill bowls with it while I eat, and when I leave, instead of filling a cup with ice cream like most people do, I fill mine with Jell-O.  I feel a little strange walking around with it, but having it all jiggly on your spoon and having it melt in the mouth makes up for the weird (and now I’m being extra weird).  As I type this, I’m actually eating some cherry Jell-O…

2. Hot Chocolate.  You know how most people have a morning cup of coffee?  Well, I’ve never been a coffee person, and making a cup of tea takes too long when I wake up at 9:48 and have to be to class at 10.  I have a huge box of hot chocolate in my food drawer leftover from the cold months (when I preferred drinking hot tea), and it’s become my breakfast most mornings.  I fill a cup up with the hottest water I can get from the tap (rarely too hot to drink), and mix in a packet.  I drink it down instantly (like I said, the water is hardly hot enough to call it hot chocolate), and I’m set for breakfast.  Drinking it from my favorite cup makes it even better.

3. Rusk Sensories Bedew Repair Drops.  I picked these up from Ulta before my trip home, because they were on sale (for $3.99, originally around $15) and they smelled really good.  I’ve never been a fan of oils (like the whole Argan oil craze) in my hair, thinking they would just weigh me down and make my hair greasy.  Well, my hair has been dry with all the heat (and with the random rainy days tossed in, it doesn’t know what to think), so I tried these after my shower.  I put a few drops in, combed them through and waited for my hair to dry.  I was shocked with the results.  My hair didn’t even look like mine.  It was tamed (read: not frizzy), and my normally fried curls with soft waves.  It was incredible.  What I do is put 4 drops in the palm of my hand (after I shower and towel dry my hair), rub my hands together and rub the oil through the ponytail section of my hair.  It keeps the frizz away, and makes my hair incredibly shiny and soft.

As always, let me know what you were loving this past week!  Have a great weekend, and see you again on Monday!  Oh, and if you see me zipping around (sometimes stalling in traffic) in a bright blue convertible Mini Cooper, wave hi to me! :)

My (Mini) Vacation

I got some new tattoos (yes, the one behind my ear DID hurt a lot, thank you for asking):

My little brother graduated:

I got pictures with the family (which is a very rare thing):

(the check I’m holding is Pat’s Army check…The money he’ll make while he’s in the guard.)

I got to play with my nephew:

And see the new one:

And I got to see Salem (which I didn’t get pictures of).

I thought I got away from the rain when I left Wyoming, but I woke up this morning to a downpour.  The rain was about an inch deep everywhere (in some places more).  I shared my umbrella, so half of me was soaked, as well as my latin books.  I hope it stops before I go to work.

Tuesday Questions

I’m back!  I’ll show you the new tattoos, some pictures of the nephews, some pictures from graduation, and complain A LOT about United…On to the questions:

1.) Mood: Itchy (new tattoos), glad to be in the warmth of Chicagoland (and away from the rain and flooding of Wyoming).

2.) What is your favorite part of being Wyoming? I loved seeing my friends and family.

3.) What do you regret packing?  I packed way too many clothes on the way there, and packed a whole lot of stuff to bring back to college.  Which, with limited space, was not a good idea.

4.) Current nail polish: Avon in “Urban Grey”.

5.) What do you do to pass the time on plane rides?  I read, listen to my iPod (play games sometimes) and sometimes snack (I brought Corn nuts with me, and I crunched on those the entire time).

6.) What do you order for drinks when you fly?  I like to get either ginger ale, apple juice (I was on an apple juice kick coming back to Chicago), or tomato juice.

7.) Current outfit:  Green and grey striped dress with cropped grey leggings underneath.

8.) What is your favorite thing to do in Wyoming?  I like to hike, hang out with friends, and play with my nephews.

9.) What do you think about turbulance?  It scares the crap out of me.  On the way to home, there was some, and on the way back to Chicago, it was really bad.  I usually have to turn my iPod completely up to try to ignore it.

10.) Weekly goals:  Get through week 9 and pass my classes.

A Rest

I’m leaving for Wyoming in the morning, and I’m not accepting the burden (or hassle) of trying to bring my laptop.  So that means, while I’m gone, I will not be posting.

But, keep an eye out for me when I get back (on Monday).  I’ll have tons of pictures and stories to share (along with some new tattoos…).

Have a lovely weekend!