Reading Update

I got a text from my sister a few days ago recommending a new book.  Kim and I both like generally the same genre.  The book she told me about was “The Book of Fires” by Jane Borodale. Her text said:

You should read ‘The Book of Fires’ by Jane Borodale.  Its about a girl that gets pregnant then runs away to london in 1752…

The pregnant part, and the running away to London part piqued my interest, and when I got off work, I went and checked it out.  I started it and I’m in love with it.  It is about a girl who gets pregnant and goes to London in search of a place away from her disgrace.  What she finds is a home as an apprentice to a fireworks maker.

I’m about halfway through, and whenever I have a spare minute, I’m cracking the book to find out what happens to Agnes.  I’m going to make myself some Spaghetti-O’s now and settle down to read.


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