A Huge Thank You

It has been a WONDERFUL week for me, and it honestly wouldn’t have been nearly as good without the help of two very lovely, very special ladies.

Stacia (my long-lost-aunt) and her momma Judy have supported me since I started this whole college thing.  They’ve sent me e-mails that cheered me up when I was having a horrible day, and care-packages throughout the year.  But this week, they’ve gone above and beyond.

You all probably remember the post (that was incredibly whiney) earlier this week about what I had been up to.  I mentioned money problems, and they both instantly sent me e-mails about helping me out.  I’ve always had a hard time accepting help, and I think that I’ve come so far this year, what with my thank-you’s (which have always been hard), and admitting to myself (and to others) that I need help, and I can’t always do it on my own.

I grew up in a family that made me the person I am today (in a good way), and the person I am today is a strong, independent woman who is used to taking care of herself and her brother.  Now that I’m alone, I’m still taking care of myself, and trying to take care of my family, as well.  It’s been hard to accept the help (that deep in my head, buried under layers of guilt I know I need) that was almost denied (which is a wrong, negative word) to me when I was in high school.  I’ve come to realize that everyone needs help sometimes, and it’s okay to send an S.O.S., and it’s okay to be selfish sometimes, like accepting money from home when I know how much they need it, too. (And now I’m becoming an emotional wreck as I write this.)

I want to thank everyone (but especially you Stacia and Judy!) that has encouraged me this year from the bottom of my heart.  It’s been a rough year, but I can finally say that I’m going to be a college graduate.  It wasn’t a sure deal when I started, and now, with the help of everyone who reads this, I’ve turned myself from a nervous college wreck, to a sure graduate (in another three years!).

If I am a person to look up to (which I’ve heard many, many times from many, many people) it is because of the strong women behind me (that includes you, Annette!) who encouraged me when my spirit was flagging (which happened quite often, I admit).

Much love,


One thought on “A Huge Thank You

  1. Yay, you got the check. We are MORE than happy to help lift your spirits!!!! AND, I hear via the ‘grapevine’ you may be coming to VT???? I hope so. You will really love Stacia and Jon. They are the most wonderful ‘kids and very good to us. WE ARE SOOOO HAPPY THEY MOVED BACK HOME TO THE GREEN MOUNTAINS. No parents could be more fortunate then we have been to have our children close in love and in miles. And now, we get to love you, too……

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