Weekend Send-Off

I was doing this a few weeks ago, but for some reason I stopped.  So, “the love list” is back!  (To recap, the love list is a list of the top three things you’ve been loving this week and why you’ve been loving them.  Photos are optional.)

1. Dubstep.  I knew that I liked the beat of dubstep (and the oh-so-famous drop), but it never was a love for me.  This week, I’ve been introduced to so much new stuff that my head is still spinning.  There’s one song that I’m in love with (but won’t share unless I have to) that makes me feel incredibly alive and…I don’t even know how to explain the way it makes me feel.  I just love dubstep.
2. Lilacs.  Back home, the neighbors had lilac bushes that were crazy big and I could smell them from my yard (which was good, because the guy was sort of a creep and there was no way I was walking onto his property to smell them), and I didn’t know I missed them until the ones by our front door started to bloom.  Sure, the insects love them as much as I do (and I hate the insects), but the fluffy looking blooms and the AWESOME smell defines summer for me!

3. Burt’s Bees Naturally Beautiful Solid Perfume. Usually, before I leave for work, class, or to eat, I would drench myself in perfume so I would smell good (because I’m a college kid and it’s hot, so naturally, I smell).  I found this little beauty at Ulta in the clearance and picked it up.  It’s a solid perfume in a metal container, and the smell makes me think of home.  It’s super easy to open it up and smear a little on your skin.  It’s a wonderful, fresh smell that makes me smile every time I apply it.  I also love the way it only takes a little bit to smell nice (whereas with spray perfume, it takes A LOT).  So easy!  (Also, the metal container is so tiny, and there’s no chance that it’ll leak.  I toss it in my bag and carry it around, so when I’m sweating like crazy, which happens a lot in this heat, I can put a little on, and throw it back in the bag.)
Let me know what your weekly favorites are…I’d love to hear what made you smile this past week!  Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


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