Tuesday Questions

I’m back!  I’ll show you the new tattoos, some pictures of the nephews, some pictures from graduation, and complain A LOT about United…On to the questions:

1.) Mood: Itchy (new tattoos), glad to be in the warmth of Chicagoland (and away from the rain and flooding of Wyoming).

2.) What is your favorite part of being Wyoming? I loved seeing my friends and family.

3.) What do you regret packing?  I packed way too many clothes on the way there, and packed a whole lot of stuff to bring back to college.  Which, with limited space, was not a good idea.

4.) Current nail polish: Avon in “Urban Grey”.

5.) What do you do to pass the time on plane rides?  I read, listen to my iPod (play games sometimes) and sometimes snack (I brought Corn nuts with me, and I crunched on those the entire time).

6.) What do you order for drinks when you fly?  I like to get either ginger ale, apple juice (I was on an apple juice kick coming back to Chicago), or tomato juice.

7.) Current outfit:  Green and grey striped dress with cropped grey leggings underneath.

8.) What is your favorite thing to do in Wyoming?  I like to hike, hang out with friends, and play with my nephews.

9.) What do you think about turbulance?  It scares the crap out of me.  On the way to home, there was some, and on the way back to Chicago, it was really bad.  I usually have to turn my iPod completely up to try to ignore it.

10.) Weekly goals:  Get through week 9 and pass my classes.


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