Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood: I just got back from a class that I got good news in (and had a wonderfully stimulating discussion about soy, packaging and mass production), took a nice cool shower (because it’s hot outside), and now I’m just relaxing.

2.) What is your favorite vegetable?  I love olives (those are vegetables, right?), cucumbers and tomatoes the best, but I love vegetables to begin with.

3.) What was your favorite T.V. show when you were younger?  King of the Hill, The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad.  I love animated shows, and these are so funny.

4.) Current nail polish: Just clear.  I started moving all my stuff to Trish’s house and I took all my polishes.

5.) If you could choose your eye color, what color would you pick?  I would choose a really light grey if I could, but I like my eye color already, so I’m content with them.

6.) What is your favorite summer activity?  Anything to do with water and being outside; I’m practically a fish when it comes to water.

7.) Current outfit:  White athletic shorts, white sports bra and a towel wrapped around my wet hair.

8.) What is your favorite soap scent?  Amber/woods or anything citrus-y/floral.  I tend to like the amber/woods in the colder months, and the citrus/floral in the warmer months.

9.) What country have you always wanted to visit (or live in)?  I’ve always wanted to live in Europe more than America, and Italy and France were always on the top of the list.  The languages are beautiful, and I only hope the land is, too.  But I’m planning on going to Germany (my motherland!) this next summer.  But I also want to live on an island with a barter system, where corruption isn’t common, and happiness runs rampant.  It’s a beautiful dreamland, this island of mine.  (I kind of picture it as the island in “Shanna“.)

10.) Weekly goals: OMG ONLY ONE WEEK OF COLLEGE LEFT.  Get through classes and finals, find out what I’m doing in the section of time where I’m kicked off campus, and I move into Trish’s, and get packed up.


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