I Can Handle This

You guys, this is just a quick post to tell you how BUSY and STRESSED I am today.  I missed class because I fell asleep without turning on my alarm, but that’s not a big deal because we weren’t really doing much in there today.  The reason I’m stressed is this:

Due Thursday, 6/2 in class.  6-8 pages, double-spaced, Times Roman 12 pt, in MLA style.  Proper citation of sources in required.

For this essay you will need to research a current environmental issue of interest to you.  This environmental problem could be America or India, though I strongly suggest that you choose an issue which you already have some familiarity in order to reduce the necessity for lengthy research.

The essay must describe the problem and the different sides to the issue, suggest cultural and historical influences on the problem (using the historical background and concepts from the course reading where relevant) that complicate its solution, and, finally, apply any relevant concepts learned in this class (such as approprite scale, continuity between nature and culture, making room for gardens in the natural world, the ethics of care, the himility and responsibility of the hunter, a religious framework, or a land ethic) to suggest a set of actions to address the particular environmental issue.  These actions should not be purely a program of public policy and legislative agendas, but should suggest how human attitudes concerning the issue might be changed and behavios adjusted in appropriate and necessary ways, in accordance with the particular principles you think are appropriate to apply.

Complicated stuff.  And remember yesterday when I said I got good news in this class?  We had an assignment to work in the garden on campus and then write a “journal entry” for it.  I kept trying and trying to work in the garden, but I was constantly told that the weather was not appropriate.  I didn’t get a chance to work in the garden before the assignment was due, so I talked to the teacher and was told that I could just write about my experience with working in gardens before (I think I’ll write about my window-garden).

So, add those together (the journal has to be a minimum of 750 words), and that equals stress.  Both are due tomorrow (but I’m trying to get the journal done tonight).  But!  That’s not all!  We also have room checks today, which means there’s an extra stress-er (because I still haven’t unpacked from Wyoming and clothes are everywhere) that I have to prepare for.

This is going to be a long day.  Better get started.


A gratuitous picture of the plants for you:


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