…Wednesday Questions?

Yesterday was busy…Let’s just leave it at that.

1.) Mood: A little bit sad, a little bit excited, and really, really hot.  Today is the last day of my first year of college (YAY ME!), and the reason I wasn’t around yesterday was because of packing and laundry.  I’m going to Vermont tomorrow (yes, I will be bringing my computer to blog), and I’m super excited for that!

2.) What cell phone carrier do you have?  I have Verizon…even though they’re pricey, the service is good, the HotSpot is good, and the customer service (when needed) is fantastic.

3.) Do you like the height you are?  Yes, I do.  I like being short enough to wear heels with guys, but I’m also not too short.  I don’t like, however, that I have the arms of a taller person.  They are SERIOUSLY out of proportion to my body.

4.) Current nail polish: Clear that’s flaking away, same story as last week.

5.) Do you prefer sun or rain?  I really do like them both, but not in the extreme.  When it rains constantly, that’s no fun, but if it’s always sunny, that’s not fun either.  They also suck together…HUMID.

6.) What’s your favorite color…And why?  My favorite color is green, and I like it because its the color of growing and of life.

7.) Current outfit: Black bermuda shorts, and a shirt from Forever 21 that starts grey but fades to purple.

8.) How many piercings do you have?  I just got another hole in each ear, so the count is 4 in my right ear and 6 in my left.  No body piercings.

9.) If you were a plant, what kind would be be and why?  I would be anything green, but I think I would most like to be a Chamomile plant.  They are known as the “Plant’s Physician” because when you put them near an ailing plant, the sick one gets better.  They are also incredible calming, not only for nerves, but allergies as well.

10.) Weekly goals: Get everything moved out of the room, get moved into Trish’s (and unpacked there), and have a great time in Vermont!


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