First off, I would like to apologize for my absence these last couple of days.  If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you would know that I had some trouble with United (again), but I got to Vermont okay, and I seem to have brought the rain with me.  It seems unreal that just last week I was complaining about how hot I was, and now, I can’t get warm.  It’s beautiful here in Vermont, and when I get back to Naperville, I will post pictures (I want to save that for being home, and I’m here for about six more days, so I have plenty of time to take even more pictures).  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, full of summer and the happiness that comes with being done with school.  I’ll save stories from Vermont for when I get home (again, I have a lot to share), but I wanted to share my recent experience with getting back in the running swing of things.

When I was back home (home-home; Wyoming), I was athletic to a point.  I was constantly hiking and exploring the countryside, and when I wasn’t hiking, I was walking around taking pictures, or jogging.  I took cross country in high school, and I remember being good at it.  I was always able to run more of a distance than keep up a speed for very long; which was why I thought cross country was better for me than track.  I also am not competitive and track is competitive whether you think of it like that or not.

When I got to college, I didn’t have time to run (and I wasn’t nearly motivated enough, either).  I know how good running is for you (especially for your abs, and I want to have some toned abs at the end of the summer), and I’ve been meaning to get back into it.  But time has always been an issue.  I always think, “Why run when I could be doing something else?  Like watching music videos, or talking to people online.  Or sitting in bed, eating junk food, and being lazy, because no one is making me get up.”

In Vermont, all I have to do is watch T.V., listen to music, sleep, read or drive around looking at the countryside.  I’ve been a little bit lazy (staying up until 5 a.m-ish, getting out of bed at around 2 p.m.), and I wanted to get out of my rut (rut, meaning, I’ve never been a napper, and now I fall asleep at the drop of the hat).  (The good news though?  The dark circles that I collected from finals week, which looked like I had black eyes, are completely gone and my skin has never looked so good.  Maybe I was made for this kind of time schedule.)

I figured last night, after getting back from dinner, was the perfect time to get some running in.  I put on some new running shoes and shorts.  The rain had stopped, and although it was cold, running always brought my temperature up so I wasn’t cold.  I started down the driveway, and thought, “Well, this isn’t so bad.”

It wasn’t far before I had to stop, put my hands on my head and take deep breaths.  I gave myself a mini pep talk (“You can do this, don’t push yourself too hard, it’s been awhile since you’ve ran”, that sort of thing) and I started running again.

The scenery is gorgeous here (when I post pictures, you’ll see), almost like a rainforest.  It smells super clean and breathing this air feels nice.  But it felt like I couldn’t get enough of it into my lungs.  I was panting and running at the same time, trying to keep from passing out.

I finally decided to turn around and head back to the house to recover.  I felt proud that I had gone so far (a mile to two miles, I think), but the fact that I had to stop six times to catch my breath was pretty upsetting.  I didn’t think I was so out of shape, I mean, I don’t look like it, but apparently I am.  (I also had a bad headache when I got back in, can anyone explain that?)

I’m going to give it another shot today; my goal is to run the same distance (possibly just a little bit further), but I have plenty of time, and I don’t want to push myself too hard.

Does anyone have some tips to help me out here?


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