Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood: Excited; we’re going to the Maine coast today to see the lighthouse and get some lobsters.  I’m also happy that I’ll have cell phone reception.  I’ve been in Naperville so long (the land of perpetual reception) that I’m not used to not having service.

2.) Do you have any bad habits?  I used to chew my nails, but I decided one day that they looked disgusting and that was the end of that (though, when I get incredibly nervous/angry, I do pick at them).  I don’t think I have any bad habits at this point, though my sleep schedule is a bit wonky.

3.) What is your favorite thing about yourself (physically or characteristic)? I’m at that stage where I love everything about me, but my favorite features are my eyes (eyelashes included), my lips, and my hair (when it behaves).  I also love my laugh (although it changes depending on what I’m laughing at).

4.) Current nail polish: Clear, yet again (this is getting boring, isn’t it?).  When I start my job, I’ll be wearing different colors more often because the girls love nail polish.  I already have a nail idea thought out (black on all but one, and that one will be white) for when I get back to Naperville.

5.) What’s your favorite color of eyeshadow?  I really like champagne colored shadows, because they brighten up my eyes (which are dark because of my horrible sleeping habits), and I can use them other places as a highlight.  My absolute favorite is by Mary Kay in the color “Moonstone“.

6.) Do you listen to music when you sleep? Lately, I have been falling asleep with my headphones on, when usually, I can fall asleep on my own.  I like to listen to The Wreckers because there’s something about their music that helps me sleep when I can’t.  Mt. Eden dubstep also puts me to sleep because it’s so mellow (favorites: Silence, Sierra Leone and Still Alive).

7.) Current outfit: Refugee jeans, coral lace back shirt with a nude tank top underneath, and my Fox purple/black zip up hoodie.

8.) Do you collect anything?  I used to collect several things, but I really don’t do that anymore.  I don’t really have the money to do it.

9.) Is there a song that describes your life right now? As most of you know (and if you didn’t, prepare for this), Kyle and I broke up a few weeks ago.  So being single, music basically applies to me better.  The song that I identify with most right now is “Cigarettes” by The Wreckers.  The lyrics go:

‘Cause someday maybe
Somebody will love me like I need
And someday I won’t have to prove
‘Cause somebody will see
all my worth but until then
I’ll do just fine on my own

and for some reason, I feel like that’s me right now.  Isn’t everyone just searching for somebody to love them at this point?

10.) Weekly goals: Get some more running in (maybe go further), get packed up to head back to Naperville on Saturday, enjoy the rest of my stay (and try to fix my sleep schedule to prepare for my job).


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