My vacation in Vermont is drawing to a close, and by the time I blog again, I’ll be back home in Naperville (my flight is tomorrow at about noon).  I start my new job on Monday (basically a shadow day so I know where I need to take the kids for gymnastics and whatnot), and on Tuesday, I’ll be a legit nanny.  As much as I love it here, I’m excited to be back in the town I’ve called home for the past year, and see the familiar places and people (and drive the Mini again!).  Now for the love list:

1. Sleeping.  I was never a napping person.  Usually, when the sun comes up, I’m awake not much later.  But while I was here in Vermont, I stayed up late (3ish was when I fell asleep) and got up late (not before noon).  And if I was in the car anytime during the day (which was pretty often), I was falling asleep.  All this sleep has done great things for my skin though.  I’ve always had dark circles, and the stress and sleeplessness of college made them look like giant bruises.  Well, here in Vermont, they’re GONE.  I don’t even have to use concealer there anymore!

2. Yogurt.  I’ve always had a love affair with yogurt; whenever it’s around, I eat it.  In school, I didn’t have the money to keep it in the fridge.  When we were shopping for the time I was here in Vermont, we picked up a lot of yogurt for me.  I eat at least one cup a day (other days, I eat up to four), and I’ve discovered how much I love Greek yogurt.  It doesn’t matter what flavor it is, I’ll eat it.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.  I’m going to have yogurt withdrawals when I get back to Naperville.

3. Hot showers.  It’s been a little rainy and cold here in Vermont, and in the mornings, I’ve been taking hot showers (super hot, like my-skin-looks-like-a-lobster hot).  If you remember, a few weeks ago, I was loving ice cold showers.  It’s weird to think that one week I have to take cold showers so I don’t die from heat, and the next week I have to take hot showers so I don’t freeze!  I’m waiting for the weather to make it’s mind up…

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend (and I hope you all get the weather you’re wishing for!), and I’ll see you all again on Monday with pictures of Vermont!


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