Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood: Happy!  It’s been a good day; driving the kids to practice, picking them up, hanging out…It’s the first day of summer!

2.) What’s your ideal summer? I always work in the summer, so I’m not content unless I am.  I like to spend a lot of time outside working (I think it would be so fun to work in a plant nursery).  I love going on car rides with the windows down and music up loud, and I like to be outside when it’s balmy and dark.

3.) What SPF do you use?  I prefer to use 50 and up because I burn really quick (and I like my pale skin), but any sunscreen is good sunscreen.

4.) Current nail polish: I have Sally Hansen French Tip White” on my ring fingers, and Avon’s “Crystal Calm” on all the rest (I did have black where the crystal calm is, but I let the girls paint my nails).

5.) A fact about you: My teeth are extremely sensitive.  I prefer to drink room temperature drinks because of it.  It takes me a long time to eat ice cream, because I have to warm it up in my mouth before I can really swallow it without pain.  When it’s cold outside, it hurts to open my mouth.

6.) Do you have a make up “look” that you do everyday, or do you change it up?  I don’t wear makeup everyday, but when I do, it’s a pretty consistent look; concealer, champagne eyeshadow on my eyes, same eyeshadow used as a highlight on my cheekbones, under the brows, down the nose and across the cupid’s bow, and topped off with a few coats of mascara.  (It’s actually what I’m wearing now, super fast and simple, and its a good look on me.)

7.) Current outfit: Black Bermuda shorts, and a blue plaid button up over a black tank top.  I’m also rocking major mosquito bites gone bad.

8.) What earrings are you wearing right now?  I’m wearing the studs that I was pierced with in the new holes, nothing in the one under that, some small green studs in the next hole, and I have my green/blue gauges in the bottom.  I don’t have anything in the top two holes in the cartilage.

9.) What can you spend hours doing…and not notice the time passing? I can spend so much time on the computer, listening to music, watching videos that it’s not even funny.  I can also read or chill outside.

10.) Weekly goals: Spend some time working out (to get my abs uncovered!), eat better, and drink more water.


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