Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood: A little bit tired, but mostly content.  I have a lot of things on my To-Do list today, but checking each one off makes me pretty happy.

2.) What was the last movie or book that made you tear up?  Don’t make fun of me…but it was Avatar.  It was the part when the girl creature rushed in to save Jake’s human body and she yelled, “My Jake!  My Jake!” and when he got the mask thing working and said “I see you.” it made me cry a little.  It was so happy and sweet!

3.) What’s your favorite magazine?  I’ve gotta say that Cosmo is my favorite.  There’s everything a girl could ever need in there; fashion, humor, good recipes (sometimes), sex, beauty, stories, celebrity gossip, and the pictures of guys in swimsuits (or underwear) always make my day.

4.) Current nail polish: Nothing, but it won’t stay that way for long.  I ordered some new nail polishes a week or so ago and they’ll be here today.

5.) If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?  Well, I would wish for an unlimited supply of money (obviously) to begin with because I’m a student and I have NO IDEA how I’m going to pay for my schooling.  I would also wish to find someone that I can love forever (and who would love me forever), and I would wish for happiness wherever I am and whatever I’m doing. :)

6.) What do you currently hear?  The rats occasionally moving around, and my computer is loud as always.

7.) Current outfit: Tan cargo pants rolled up to the knee and a green Kirra tank top.

8.) Were you happy when you woke up today?  Why/why not?  Well, I woke up really early, so I mean, I wanted to go back to sleep.  But I’m happy because the kids are finally back from their dad’s house…it’s empty around this house without them!

9.) Are you afraid of bugs? YES.  I hate every kind of bug there is.  The worst thing about them is the crunching noise they make when you kill them.  That sound makes me nauseous.

10.) Weekly goals: Get bills paid (ON TIME), continue to drink the same amount (or more) of water, and work out at least once a day; gotta get those abs ready for San Diego!


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