A Weekend Send Off

It’s finally the weekend (and boy, was this week a long one!), and it’s time for a little extra rest for this girl.  I’m looking forward to sitting and reading and getting some sun.  The love list:

1. Titus Jones.  Last Friday, I told you that I was loving my attempts at working out.  I’m happy to say that I’m still working out, and I’ve put together the perfect routine (that leaves me a little shaky, a little sweaty, turns my abs to jelly, and leaves me feeling very satisfied).  I wouldn’t be able to work out without Titus Jones though.  I’ll just leave this link here, and let you figure out who he is for yourself.  You’re welcome.

2. Bread.  You guys, I finished an entire loaf in like, three days.  I think I’ve been craving bread so much because I’ve started working out again, and the carbs help fuel my intense workouts.  I have 2 (at least) pieces of toast for breakfast (along with the daily greek yogurt, YUM), I usually eat a sandwich for lunch, and then most dinners involve some sort of bread (last night was pasta with garlic bread, needless to say, my plate was wiped clean).

3. “Fresh Home” Magazine.  I think I wrote a post telling you how much I loved this magazine months ago, but I just got another issue, and I devoured it.  I LOVE this magazine.  I’m not sure how I ended up with a subscription to it, but I’m happy that I did.  There’s so many clever DIY projects and decorating tips, and it’s a perfect magazine for me (who wanted to be an interior designer before deciding on Anthropology).  I save all my back issues, and I love going back and flipping through.  Most people save the tips they like from magazines, and I’m one of those people.  But there’s so many tips that I love that it would be a waste to throw ANYTHING from this magazine away.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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