Weekend Send-Off

This week has been all about discovering new music, relaxing, looking at anthropology programs at different colleges, and getting ready to head to San Diego in August.  I’ve got about 2 weeks until I go, and I can’t wait to get out on the beach, and see my beloved- the ocean- again.  The love list:

1. Radical Something.  Christian introduced me to them after telling me to listen to “Be Easy“.  It became an instant favorite, making the top of my playlist, and turning into the “traveling song” when the kids are in the car (its usually playing when I take them to practice, and when I go and retrieve them).  The lyrics are fantastic (they turned into my new mantra), and the rhythms are complete summer.  After “Be Easy”, I discovered “Long Hair Don’t Care” and I fell in love again.  Perfect music for driving with the top down and the sun on your face.

2.Straight Hair. I hate the amount of time it takes, because that stops me from doing it everyday, but I love when my hair is straight.  It’s completely undone when I shower, so I relish it while I can.  It’s finally a length I’m happy with (even though I want to cut it off soo bad sometimes), and I love how much freedom I have with long hair (although most days, I put it up in a clip when I get out of the shower).

3. Being Happy With Myself.  Let’s explain that one, shall we?  This month has ushered in a new acceptance of myself.  There are still days when I don’t want to get out of bed, I just want to hide in the sheets, but I’m mostly satisfied.  I’m finally happy with being myself; I don’t mind so much when I see someone prettier than me (which happens a lot here in Naperville; all these sun-kissed blondes wandering around in short shorts and tank tops).  It’s a lovely day to be me :)

Have a fantabulous (just yesterday, one of the kids asked me if that was a real word…It should be, I think!) weekend everyone, and I’ll see you all on Monday!


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