Tuesday Questions

I’ve spent the last couple of days shopping for my upcoming trip (yesterday I picked up some new shoes, a few new shirts, a lace dress and some lip balms; maybe I’ll take some pictures to show you tomorrow), and watching a whole lot of T.V.  Today may end up being a productive day (which wouldn’t be such a terrible thing) even though it’s really hot outside.  Onto the questions:

1.) Mood: I’m in a really good mood this morning (afternoon?).  I slept in way late, woke up and had breakfast, and took a really nice shower.  I plan on getting some cleaning/organizing done today.

2.) What are you plans for the coming weekend?  Well, the kids get back the night of the 23rd, so I’ll be chilling in the house waiting for them to return.  Other than that, I’m not entirely sure as of now.

3.) What are three things you want to accomplish in your life?  I want to learn to speak another language fluently (French or Italian would be wonderful), travel all over the world (possibly backpack Europe for a few months), and have children.

4.) Current nail polish: Nothing.  I’m giving my nails a break.

5.) Get the closest book, turn to page 18 and write the 4th line down: “Bene Gesserit schools?”  (If anyone can guess what book it’s out of without googling it, you’re awesome!)

6.) Would you donate blood?  Yes, I think so.  After being in the hospital and having IVs, I’m not quite as scared of needles as I used to be.  Having 4 tattoos helps, too.  But the few times I’ve had my blood drawn, I’ve felt really faint, and I’m not sure I like that feeling.

7.) Current outfit: Black bermuda shorts and a grey tank top from PacSun.  Pretty sure I was wearing the same thing when I did my last Tuesday Questions.

8.) How do you deal with stress?  I eat.  I know it’s not a great way to handle it, but when I get super stressed, nothing works quite like eating until I feel like I’m going to burst.

9.) When was the last time you got your hair cut?  The last time was when I went with Krista to get the trim, more than a month ago.  I need to get my ends cut off sometime soon.

10.) Weekly goals: Continue drinking water (I’ve been doing so good since I got the new water bottle!), eat a little better (stop eating so much bread and sugar!) and start getting more organized and ready to go to California.


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