More New Stuff

I did even MORE shopping a few days ago (that’s what happens when the mall is only minutes away), and I picked up some cute things that I’m excited to wear (I’m making myself wait until San Diego).

This was from Target, from the first shopping trip.  I knew that I needed a planner for school, and I was never able to find a good sized one that was cute, and that I would actually use.  I depended heavily on planners in high school (we also HAD to have them to go anywhere because of the passes in the back), and bought a really nice one before I started school last year.  It was the size of a magazine, and I used it on and off (not enough to justify paying $30 for it).  I think the reason I didn’t carry it around much was the size.  So this one, which is made from recycled materials, is the perfect size, and super cute.  It also has a ribbon bookmark, so I won’t have to flip through pages and pages to find the right date (which annoyed me about the other one).

I got this shirt at Delia’s; it was on sale for $15.  I loved the summer print on the front, but the back was the reason I ended up getting it.

I found this flowy shirt in Forever 21, on sale (everyone was having huge sales) for maybe $5.  It’s so soft and silky.  I can see wearing it over a bikini at the beach, but also over a cami around the house.

When I saw this, I literally squealed and shoved all my bags at Krista to hold.  I LOVE THIS DRESS.  I have NO IDEA where I’m going to wear it, but I love it and I had to have it.

We headed back to Charlotte Russe (which was having the major sale still) to look at their pumps, because I had to have some for the lace dress.  I found ANOTHER mesh-zebra tank top in a bright teal.

These are the pumps.  They’re a very soft nude pink suede, and they are extremely high (the heels are also really thin).  They look adorable with the lace dress.

Because CR was having a “Buy one pair get the 2nd pair for $10”, I figured I might as well get another pair of shoes.  I chose these booties, because I’ve been wanting a pair for a long time.  I love the chunky heel (it makes it so much easier to walk in them), and I love the light grey leather.  These would be super cute with some dark wash jeans.

The rings were all $2.99, so I found two that I really loved.  The bow was kind of an impulsive buy because I liked it so much, and the feather went with my favorite necklace.

Bath and Body Works was ALSO having a sale (on soaps too) “Buy 2, get 1 free”.  I got suckered in on the lip glosses.  I got Lemon lip cream, Lemon and Pomegranate lip cream, and Ripe Blackberry lip shine.  I love the lip creams, and the lip shine isn’t sticky at all (which I LOVE).

The best part of the trip was walking by Build A Bear Workshop.  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to build one, and Krista told me that she’s made 3.  I figured: hey, I might as well look.  When we walked in, I was drawn to the bunnies.  I got this one:

His name is Luca and he’s my love bunny.  I kissed his heart and made a wish before he was all sewn up, and I cuddle with him every night.


2 thoughts on “More New Stuff

  1. Good gosh girlie! lol…tuition? What’s that?

    :) Hope you have fun on your trip! It’s awesome to see you so excited and full of anticipation…I have a puppy from Build-a-Bear that I made when I was ten and visiting my first big city…


    • And I ADORE that planner by the way. I need a new one too…maybe I’ll check target now. Nature designs are my favorite…they’re so fresh and clean and authentic. I like the concept behind them the most.

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