Ready For Round Three?

I had hoped to write a post today all excited because I got a job, but after two interviews, I only have the promise of yet another interview.  Both interviews went really well, with me being complimented the entire time.  Today, the manager in charge of interviews told me that the managers from yesterday’s interview liked me a lot, which was why I had another interview.  He told me that he liked me and was definitely going to give me a call-back.  Apparently I have all the characteristics of people they want to hire, and I have a great personality.  I also interview really well and show my intelligence when I answer questions.  I’m really excited, but also a little bit confused.

Who knew it was so much work getting a job at Chipotle?


Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood: A little tired, a little frustrated and a little sore.

2.) Do you dream?  If so, can you remember them?  Lately, I’ve been having really vivid (and sometimes really awful) dreams.  I think it’s in part due to taking Melatonin every once in awhile, but since I’ve stopped taking it (for about a week now), I’m still having dreams.  And when I wake up, it takes me a long time to realize that my dream was only that; a dream.

3.) What body part do you wash first when you shower? I usually just stand in the shower for about 5 minutes before I wash anything, but I always wash my hair first.  This isn’t so much a habit, as it is logic.  I used to use shampoo that didn’t smell all that great, and if I washed with my nice smelling soaps before the shampoo, the nice smell was washed away, and the shampoo suds left the not so great smell on me.  So, now I shampoo (and usually condition) before I wash my body.  Oh, and I always wash my arms first.

4.) Current nail polish: I have black (Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Black Out) on all my fingers, and then over top the ring finger, I have a coat of L.A. Colors in Silver Metallic.  I topped it all off with Sally Hansen Insa-Dri Top Coat.  On my toes, I have OPI’s Midnight in Moscow and holy cow.  Every single time I use this polish, I’m reminded of how much I love it.  I’m definitely going to be rocking this on my fingers in a few weeks in time for fall…

5.) Were you a responsible child/teen? I was a straight A student until about 9th grade and I hit a wall.  I felt like no one wanted me or needed me or loved me and I lashed out bad.  Thankfully, that stage only lasted through that year (mostly) and I got back on track to graduate with a 3.7 (I failed 2 classes freshman year and hard to work hard to get my GPA back up).

6.) Name three things in nature you love most and why: I love green grass because of the color, the smell, and the prickly softness of it.  I love tall, green trees that provide tons of shade.  And I love a perfectly blue sky, with not a hint of a cloud.

7.) Current outfit: Blue “Seager Sisters” shirt and green/blue plaid linen pants.

8.) What is the single feature people compliment you most on?  I’m always complimented on my eyes.  If it’s not the color (it usually is), its about my eyelashes or eyebrows.

9.) Where are your feet right now? Oh, you know, just hanging out on the floor.  (Being a little chilly, I might add.)

10.) Weekly goals: Get a dang job already.

Book Ratings

I’m not sure if many of you keep up with what I’m reading (partly because I don’t discuss it often, or do reviews), but as I was laying in bed last night, I had a good idea.  I was so tired (went out to ANOTHER movie…I’ve seen almost everything that’s out at this point.  We saw “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”, and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.  It was an okay movie; not a huge fan of Katie Holmes.) that I didn’t come on and do it last night, but I’m going to start doing ratings on the books that I’ve read.  I’m not great at reviews, but I am good at saying whether a book is good enough to check out from the library, or even to buy, and when to not waste your time or money on one.

Since moving into the dorm, I’ve been reading a lot more than I did this summer.  I have no T.V. in the room, and I can only do so much on the computer before I hit my bandwidth cap.  So I read.  I’ve finished about 4 books since moving into my room, and I’m going to start with those books for ratings.  If you’d like me to rate any of the other books I’ve read, leave me a comment asking me to do so.  The reason I’m starting with the ones I’ve recently finished is because they’re still pretty fresh in my head.  I’m giving them ratings of hearts; 5 hearts is the best, 1 heart is the worst.  Or you can think of it in terms of grades; 1 heart is an F, 5 hearts is an A.

If you want to see the ratings of books I’ve just finished, click HERE.  (Any other time you’d like to go, hover over “Books” and click on “2011”.)

Also, I was thinking about doing some vlogs (video blogs) because I’ve been so bad with writing lately, and things are going to get busy once school starts up, so I won’t have a whole lot of time to sit down and write out posts.  Is there any interest in vlogs posted here?  Let me know what you think about them.  Would you be interested in watching little 5 minute videos updating you with what I’m doing, what I’m reading, and other things?

Weekend Send Off [Late]

I swear, I’m going to start doing better with blogging.  Here’s my love list for the week:

1. Naperville.  Okay, I’ve always liked it here, but since moving into the dorms early, I’ve experienced a side of Naperville that I wasn’t sure of before.  During the day, Naperville is a crowded family town.  There’s small children running beside parents, couples holding hands and eating ice cream, and tons of high school age kids gathered in large groups blocking the sidewalk (which is really annoying because there is really no other place to walk).  It’s constantly busy during the day (even when the weather isn’t extremely nice).  Last night, after Krista got off work, she came over to hang out.  We decided to walk down to the Riverwalk (it was around 11).  I was shocked by the nightlife in Naperville!  Women in sparkly tank tops and sky-high heels were lined up in front of doors getting their ids checked by burly (and quite attractive, I might add) bouncers.  There were people everywhere, taking pictures, laughing and talking loudly.  Another reason I love Naperville?  That I get told I’m beautiful (to my face, by people I don’t know) at least once a month.  Last night, as we were walking past a group of people taking pictures, one guy (a super tall, slender african american guy) was singing “Hungry Eyes” from Dirty Dancing.  Because I’ve been listening to that album a lot lately, my head whipped around, and he saw me looking at him.  He called out to me, “Heyy!  You’re really beautiful!  I just thought you should know!”  I laughed and said thank you.  Enough about Naperville.

2. Dirty Dancing Soundtrack.  I got this at the library awhile ago and just got it imported to my library.  It reminds me of the movie my sister and cousin were obsessed with (I liked it a lot, too), and it also reminds me of being in the cool barn in Idaho, with the smell of hay, and dust motes in the light that came in the cracks, with these songs playing (along with Footloose).  I sit at my computer and play them over and over again, singing along to every single song.

3. Tuna.  I’ve always been obsessed with tuna.  When I would mix some for sandwiches at home, I would end up eating half the can before I mixed it with mayo.  A few days ago, I got some at the grocery store, and yesterday, I enjoyed it straight out of the can; no mayo or anything.  It was delicious.

So, what were your favorites this week?

My Night Routine

I’ve been thinking about sleep a lot lately, partly because I’ve been craving a FitBit to track my habits.  I don’t have nearly enough money to buy one (but it’s definitely been added to my wishlist), but I do try to get my best night’s sleep without being monitored.  I’ve always been one of those people who go to bed really early, and tend to get up really early (except in Vermont when I was WAY out of wack).  I’ve also been one of those people who preach about getting enough sleep.

Example One:
Them: “I can’t find a concealer to cover these dark circles of mine!  They’ve always been so dark!”
Me: “Maybe you should try getting some more sleep!”
Example Two:
Them: “My skin is super dry, what do you use for moisturizer?”
Me: “I use Olay, but if you sleep enough at night, you’ll hardly need moisturizer!”
Example Three:
Them: “I’ve been so tired lately.”
Me: “You know that experts recommend that you shut your computer off an hour before you are trying to sleep, right?  And you should always go to bed before 11, because you need to get your deepest REM sleep in the darkest part of the night.  If you get your deepest REM sleep when it’s getting light outside, you won’t be as rested when you wake up.”

Lately, I’ve been having a really hard time falling asleep and staying asleep (this is probably due to my anxiousness about having yet another nightmare).  But I’ve come up with a routine that tells my body that it’s almost time to go to bed, and calms me down a lot.

I start with brushing my hair and putting oil in it.  I brush it until it’s really smooth, and either braid the two sides or leave it down.  (Most of the time this step is at the beginning and the end.  If I do it twice, the first time I do it, I’ll put my hair up so it doesn’t get wet.)

After that, I get my SkinSonic, squeeze a bunch of cleanser on it, grab my towel and head to the bathroom.  I wet my face and the SkinSonic with warm-ish water.  I turn it on and cleanse each part of my face for about 20 seconds.  I rinse the head off and run it over my lips to get any dead skin off.  Then I splash water over my face to rinse and dry it with my towel.  I’ll usually brush my teeth afterwards.

Back in my room, I switch heads (from the sensitive to the lotion) and dry the water off the SkinSonic.  I put about a quarter sized amount of lotion in my hand, and about half that amount of Aloe Vera over top.  I rub them together and apply the mixture to my face, rubbing it in all over.  When it’s pretty much all rubbed in, I grab my SkinSonic and rub a little bit of Aloe on the head before turning it on and massaging the lotion/Aloe onto my skin.  (My skin is so so soft after this point!  The instructions said to apply the lotion with the SkinSonic, but I found that my face was greasy because it didn’t absorb as well.  My hands both warm and work the product into my skin, and then the SkinSonic works with any residual.)

Then I get three things from my beauty drawer; Great Lash clear mascara, e.l.f Zit Zapper and Colgate Simply White Night.  I apply the Zit Zapper around my nose (because I always seem to have breakouts there) and anywhere else there’s a blemish.  Next, I apply a layer of the Simply White Night whitening gel over my front teeth (the ones you can see when I smile.  I only apply on the top because of my overbite.  There’s no use in whitening your cheek teeth, because no one ever sees them!) and bare my teeth so my lips don’t rub any off.

With my teeth bared, I use my doctored Great Lash clear mascara.  Somewhere, I read that a drop of Lavender essential oil in your mascara will strengthen lashes.  I did that, and after wearing that mascara, I noticed that my eyelashes were growing like crazy!  But the oil in the mascara, if it flakes, might get in your eyes, and that burns really bad.  So I put some in clear mascara.  I apply a coat on the top of the top lashes, and then apply like a normal mascara on both the top and bottom lashes.  Then I run a bit through my brows.  I’ve seen major improvement with my eyelashes and eyebrows; my lashes are thicker, darker, and way longer.  They also look glossy and healthy when they’re bare (which is most of the time) and I hardly have a reason to wear mascara anymore (unless I need major drama on the eyes)!  My brow hairs are glossier, too.

Last, but not least, I apply a thick coat of lip balm to last me through the night (and wake up with super soft lips).

After all of that’s done, I take a Melatonin to help me fall/stay asleep, drink some water (if I’m really thirsty), and then crawl into bed to read until my eyes get heavy.  I set my air to around 72; it’s not so cold that I’m shivering, but its cool enough that I can cuddle with blankets and sleep really well.

Every morning since I started this routine, I wake up with soft lips, smooth hair, incredibly white teeth, and skin so bright and clean that I hardly need to use concealer the next day.

That’s my nightly routine…do you guys do anything special to help you wind down before you go to bed?  How long have you been doing it?

Cut Me Some Slack

If I could eliminate one thing from our society, I would get rid of money.  Yes, this is going to be “one of those” blog posts, where I complain about money.  But don’t you think our society would be much better off without the dependence on money, and debt and credit?  Why not go back to a barter society?  One where you need to have an actual skill to get food or clothing or that pair of super cute running shoes that would look adorable on me.  I, for one, wouldn’t mind going into a restaurant and eating a nice meal, and then cleaning my table, my plate and sweeping, instead of handing over the plastic (or paper, when I have it).

And another gripe: why are jobs so hard to get these days?  Yes, I understand that you want someone with experience but HOW DO I GAIN EXPERIENCE IF NO ONE WILL HIRE ME SO I CAN GAIN THE EXPERIENCE YOU CRAVE?  Why is it so hard to understand that I NEED a job, and I will work hard if you hire me?  If I’m applying at your store (making the effort to go out into the hot sun and ask for an application), why would you think I wouldn’t work equally hard if you hired me?

I could go on and on about this topic, but really, complaining isn’t really going to get me anywhere.  I know that I need to get out and keep applying, but I’ve hit a wall.  I’ve applied at the places that are hiring, and I’ve yet to hear back from most of them.  The place that I wanted to work at the most (which I didn’t fully realize until I messed up) is probably not going to hire me, because after filling out 5 applications, theirs was at the bottom of the pile, and my answers were not great.  (“Gain retail experience” is not a great answer to “Why do you want to work here?”.  “Your clothing is the clothing I picture myself in as an Anthropologist” is a much better answer, and if my hand would not have been a claw at that point, that’s what I would have written.  Please ignore that lapse in judgment and interview me so I can prove how much I want to work there!)

All the places I applied to want experience, and though I have some, apparently, it’s not enough for them.  I can’t apply anywhere too far away because I don’t have a way to get there.  At this point, when I’m unable to buy food for myself, (seriously, after today, I’ll be out of the food I had; a lapse of planning on my part when I DID have money) a car would be an unwelcome expense.

Wait!  I could donate my plasma and make so much money!  No one really does that, and because of that reason, the people who do donate (sell, actually) get paid even more!  But wait.  You have to be 110 pounds.  I’m hovering at 106.  Foiled again.

I could cut back; get rid of my cell phone and save money that way.  But I’m 1000 plus miles from home and need a way to stay in contact with my family, who don’t know how to use a computer.  (I’ve also called Verizon and told them my situation, and they cut me some slack: good customer service.)

It’s so frustrating to realize how badly you need money and have no way to obtain it.  Why was I not born into a family that has never had money problems?  Why was I born in a century that is so dependent on money?

Naperville.  Please cut me some slack.  Throw me a bone, here.  (I may have to suck the marrow out of it to survive.)

Brown to Red

For about a week, I’ve been rocking the red ‘do, and I promised several people to blog about the change from dark brown to such a bright shade of red.  I’m not a professional, so don’t rely on what I did for your own hair.  I did my research and I suggest you do your own, as well.

So I started off with hair that looked like this:

It’s my natural color and I haven’t done much coloring to it since I’ve been in college.  I had a perm done in June 2010, so that’s the curl you see.  I made sure not to wash my hair the day I was planning to color it, and the first step was to cover my hairline in Repelle.

I got mine at Sally’s for about $4, but I’ve heard that Vaseline works just as well (and is cheaper).  I made sure to color everywhere my hair might brush; hairline, behind my ears, and on top of my ears.  (The color ended up getting everywhere else, but it washed off my skin really easily.)  For color, I used L’Oreal Technique Excellence HiColor HiLights in Magenta.  I got mine from Sally’s.  Each tube was about $6, and I got two.  This dye is made especially for dark hair, which is why my hair got so bright.

The developer I got was the one recommended for this color: L’Oreal Technique Oreor Creme Volume 30.

I could have used Volume 40 to get a much brighter color, but this stuff is harsh on hair.  If your hair is lighter than mine, go lower, perhaps Volume 20 or 10, because you won’t need much lift.  I also picked up some long metal clips (which was an amazing idea, because they held all the colored hair out of the way), a brush for the color, a mixing bowl, plastic gloves and some processing caps from Ulta and Sally’s.  After squeezing the entire tube of color into the bowl, I added the developer and mixed until it was completely smooth.  This is what we ended up with:

I sectioned my hair a bit to begin with (to make it easier on Krista, who was applying the color), and I slipped a plastic bag (which had been cut in certain spots) on and got ready to be colored:

Like I said before, the color got everywhere.  This is only one example of it getting places it didn’t belong; the “hickey”:

After Krista applied the color to my head, I slipped the cap on, and colored a section of her hair on the bottom with the leftover color (we ended up having to mix both tubes for all my hair).

We had to wait for 30 minutes, and that entire time was spent cleaning up the mess we had made in the bathroom.  Finally, I jumped in the shower and gently rubbed my hair under warm water.  I used a bit of Johnson’s baby soap (Krista has a little bother) to get the color off my forehead and neck, and rubbed a bit through my hair to remove the slick feeling.  After the water ran pretty much clear (just a bit pink), I rubbed some conditioner for red hair through and then rinsed.  I tried not to look at my hair as I towel dried it.

I blow-dried to get the true color:

And then ran a straightener over to make it sleek (because my hair gets poufy if I blow dry it):

When I went out the other night to see “Final Destination 5 3D”, I curled it a bit and was really happy with the results.

And that was my journey from brown to red.