Weekend Send-Off

It’s been a long few days, especially since I’m back two hours.  I’m waking up late(ish) and going to bed even earlier (around 6 p.m.!).  I spend the days immersed in lazy activities (the day I got here, I spent the day at the beach, yesterday, I headed to the zoo and spent the entire day looking at animals, and today, I spent the entire morning/afternoon at the beach again.), and the heat makes me exhausted.  Here’s what I’ve been loving this week:

1. Aloe Vera.  You guys, I’m BURNT. To a freakin’ crisp.  No matter how much sunblock I apply, and believe me, I apply every hour (SPF 55), I’m still rocking the lobster look.  And like all sunburns, it HURTS.  The tops of my legs are burnt so bad that it hurts to walk because the skin stretches over my shins.  So, after every shower I take (which is about 2 a day now), I apply the aloe vera generously.  I picked mine up at Rite-Aid for about $4.00, and it’s the clear gel.  I love the clean smell, and I love that it makes everything so soft.  I’ve been using it all over my body, even my face, and my skin (the parts that aren’t burnt) is looking amazing.  It soothes the burns, too.

2. Red Vines.  I LOVE LICORICE.  I love the taste, I love the texture and I love the smell.  I got a big package of RedVines at the Zoo yesterday, and I’ve been chewing on them while I read on the beach.

3. Wearing swimsuits under everything. I haven’t really worn real underwear or a bra since I got to San Diego.  I wear my swimsuits under all of my clothing.  Right now, I’m wearing my new white skirt, and my new shirt that’s open in the back.  The cool air from the fans in the hostel feel nice on my burnt skin, and I love the beachy look.  I love the fact that if I want to walk down to the beach and go into the ocean, I can just take my outer layer off and I’ll be ready to go in.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week, and I’ll see you all again on Monday (I may/may not post on Monday because I changed my flight and I’ll be flying home Monday night)!


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