A Few Things

I’ve been really bad with blogging the past week or so, and seriously, I always feel really guilty when I realized that I haven’t posted something that day.  But I feel even more guilty when I post crap that’s so boring to read.  So, I’m going to give you a few updates and some things I’ve been doing lately.

I want to thank everyone for their concern with my rough nanny experience, and assure everyone that I am completely fine right now.  I’ve been sleeping on Krista’s couch, and next Monday, I’ll be moving into my dorm room about a month early.  I’ve talked to the college, and they were agreeable enough to allow me to move in earlier than most people are allowed (unless, of course, you’re in sports or an RA, which I’m not).  This is the reason I haven’t had much to blog.  Krista and I stay up really late (about 5 am) and sleep all day (until about 2 pm) and repeat that almost every night.

I have no idea what this nail polish is.  I’ve tried looking it up, but I can’t find anything that it really resembles in swatches on OPI’s website.  So, if you know what it is, be sure to let me know because it’s frustrating me like crazy to not know the color.  (By the way, it’s a mini bottle and it’s ridiculous how much I love it; it’s soo so cute!)

This is two coats, but it’s still pretty see through.  I really like the color, and would buy the full size version, but again, I have no idea what it’s called. (Edit: I think I’ve figured out the color, with the help of an expert cosmetologist from Arizona :D, and it seems to be “Not Like The Movies” from the Katy Perry collection.)

This is the most exciting thing that I’ve tried lately, and to those not interested in make-up, feel free to skip this.  I watched a tutorial on this look (and though I used it as inspiration, I sort of made it my own with blending and color placement), and knew that I had to try it.  I was alone tonight while Krista was at work and everyone else was gone to a baseball game, and figured that I might as well do it to see if I liked it.

I love it.  It’s really hard to see how beautiful it is in the pictures, because the colors don’t show up nearly as bright, but trust me when I say that it’s GORGEOUS.  It’s my new favorite make-up look, even if it is a LITTLE bit bright for everyday.

Don’t mind me peeling EVERYWHERE.  I got burnt so bad in San Diego; my chest, my back, my scalp, and my legs (which will probably scar, they got burnt so badly).  It’s gross but satisfying to peel huge pieces off of my skin.

So, do you love it as much as I do?


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