Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood: I’m exhausted.  I just got back from a movie date (“The Rise of the Planet of the Apes”.  Really, ridiculously good.), and after staying up til 5 am the last few nights, I’m ready to turn in early.

2.) Do you blow dry, air dry or towel dry your hair? I towel dry to dampness and then put it up in a clip (I leave it down about 30% of the time).  Sometimes, if I have somewhere to go, I’ll blow-dry it to straighten it afterwards, but I usually forgo heat on a normal day.

3.) Do you have strong opinions on natural vs. medicated childbirth? Personally, I want to have my children naturally, with as little medication as possible, and I think that being drugged within an inch of consciouness isn’t a good state to have a child in, but it’s not something I feel really strongly about.  It may change when I actually am pregnant and ready to have children, but for now, that’s the current state of affairs.

4.) Current nail polish: It’s a shimmery OPI that I don’t know the name of.  It’s sort of pink and purple and green.

5.) Do you have a birthmark?  Where?  I have one the size of a pencil eraser on my right knee.

6.) Do you know how to pump your own gas? Yes.  I also know how to change a tire, put oil in the car, etc.

7.) Current outfit: White athletic shorts, green Element shirt that I got Kyle years ago that he outgrew.

8.) What awkward moment have you experienced lately? In San Diego, when I was checking out early (because the “manager” told me that I needed to go), the owner asked me why I was leaving.  The “manager” (who was like 25 and got drunk with everyone at night) was standing behind me, and I could tell he was waiting for me to call him out.  I should have, and got my whole stay refunded, but I didn’t.

9.) Do you follow your head or your heart? I’m not really all that logical.  I tend to be quite impulsive, but I do what I want to do; not always the best thing to do at any given time, and sometimes it leads to things I wish I didn’t do, but habits die hard.

10.) Weekly goals: Prepare to move into my dorm room early, and start trying to eat healthier.


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