The Bitch List

It’s been a really long week, and I, for one, am excited for the weekend to finally be here.  I have a lot to look forward to next week (moving into college, organizing my stuff, and job hunting), and it all starts on Monday.  Krista and I are headed into Naperville today to run some errands (bank, mail, Ulta, and Hobby Lobby), and I’ll pick up my new hair color.  (If I do it over the weekend, I’ll be sure to post something about it.)

I know that on Fridays, I always do a love list, the things that I’ve been loving this week.  But this Friday, I’m going to do a something a little different; I’m going to get all my negativity out before I start fresh (for the school year), and what better way to do it with: The Bitch List:

1. Nightmares.  Ever since Trish fired me and kicked me out (after accusing me of things that I didn’t do), I’ve been having nightmares almost every night.  Last night’s took the cake.  It woke me up, and drove me to text a certain someone to check the facts.  When I finally realized that it was only a dream, and none of the things really happened, I almost cried because I was so relieved.  Just thinking about the dream makes my stomach hurt.

2. Stupid People on Facebook.  This one has been building up for ages.  I’ve had to restrain myself from deleting EVERYONE from my friends so I don’t have to see them being idiots.  I know that I’ve done some pretty stupid things on Facebook, but I’ve never done HALF the things I’m seeing now.  Not only is the grammar HORRENDOUS (c’MON people!  Learn the difference between your and you’re, and there, they’re and their!) but now I’m having to see the results of drunken parties.  The people that are old enough to drink don’t post the STUPID ASS things that the people who are ILLEGALLY drinking post.  YOU CAN’T POST PICTURES OF YOURSELF WITH BEER (If you’re under 21) IF YOU EXPECT TO GET and KEEP A JOB SOMETIME IN YOUR FUTURE.  You can’t post statuses that you are going to a party, or drinking whiskey, or whatever stupid shit you’re doing if you expect to be respected sometime in your future.  (And what gets me even MORE is that the people who are illegally drinking and posting evidence are friends with their parents.  The parents aren’t doing anything to stop it.  That’s why our society sucks.  You are not their FRIEND, you are the PARENT.  You have to teach them wrong from right and sometimes, they’re going to hate you.  Get over it.  You pushed them out, now deal with them, so other people don’t have to.)  No one wants to see pictures of you squeezing your boobs together to take a picture, and on the same hand, no one wants to see pictures that you’ve taken that pretty much show all the way down your cleavage.  And (this is the thing that prompted the blow-up) NO ONE WANTS TO SEE PICTURES OF YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS GOING TO THE BATHROOM (yes, I’m serious, pictures of pants pulled down, sitting on the toilet).   It’s not cute to do all these things, and not everything thinks it’s funny, either.  Keep your idiotness to yourself, PLEASE.  Also, another thing.  What is with the “So and So checked in at Bed.”?  This is stupid.  Who cares if you “checked in” at your bed.  If you must, post a status, but stop with the stupid checking in thing.

3. A Burn That Just Won’t Go Away.  In San Diego, I got burnt.  Bad.  But most of the skin that was burnt is now peeling and healing.  Except my shins.  My shins, I think, got burnt the worst.  They burned so much that they bleed at points.  They burned the first day and yet they’re still painful to touch.  I rub Aloe on them constantly, and there’s a little improvement, but not very much.  They look like they’re going to scar.

Alright, I’m going to rein myself in (though I could probably find a whole lot more to complain about), and stick with only three things that have been bothering me.  Feel free to contribute your own thoughts on any of the things on my Bitch List, or tell me some of the things that made your Bitch List this week (and don’t lie, everyone has one).  (And, I’m not going to do these very often, if I ever do one again, so enjoy this, and don’t take it too seriously!)

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone, and keep checking back over the weekend for a possible drastic hair change!


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