Tuesday Questions

1.) Mood: Very happy (and a little lonely).  I’m moved into my dorm room, but I’m still trying to get everything organized so I can find it.  I’m also happy that my computer was fixed (it had ELEVEN Trojans on it!) and is running properly.

2.) Can you honestly say that you would risk your life for someone else? Yes.

3.) If you could eat lunch with any three people (alive or dead, from any time period), which three people would you choose, and why? Marilyn Manson, Marilyn Monroe and James Franco.  How interesting that conversation would be!

4.) Current nail polish: Same as last week, only it looks more purple because of the pigment from the hair color I used.

5.) Who is someone you admire and why?  I admire my sister soo much for having two kids so young and being such a good mother.

6.) What was the first thing you did this morning? Covered up my nakedness with a robe.

7.) Current outfit: Bathrobe.

8.) Are you like your parents?  If so, in what way?  I look like both of them, but a lot of habits from my dad have shown up in the past year when I’m away from him.

9.) Describe your perfect house: It would take forever to describe, and it changes quite often, so I’ll just describe my library in my perfect house: it would be in the turret (yes, I want turrets on my house), so the room would be round.  The bookcases would go along the wall all the way up to the ceiling, with ladders attached to roll around the room.  I would have a fireplace on one wall (round, so it’s flush against the wall), and tons of comfy chairs/couches.  The floor (and the bookcases) will be a really dark, rich red, and there will be thick rugs scattered on the floor.  There will be no overhead lights, just lamps near every chair.  It’s perfect.

10.) Weekly goals: Finish unpacking, write up some more Tuesday Questions (so I’m prepared for next week) and go job hunting.


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