Weekend Send Off

I’m pretty close to being completely settled in and even went job hunting this morning (after being woken up by music so loud that it made my bed vibrate from downstairs).  I’m still trying to find places for all the stuff that I’ve accumulated over the summer, and I’m going through things and getting rid of everything I don’t need (I have hoarding tendencies) to make room for new stuff that I may buy.  I’m in the market for a small bookshelf because of the large amount of books I own (and am not willing to give away), but I’m not going to get one until I get a job and get some money flowing in (cross your fingers that I get a job soon!).  Anyways, here’s my love list and then I’ll start working on my hair color change post:

1. My Hair.  I haven’t posted any pictures here on my blog, but I colored my hair red.  Like bright red.  I love it.

2. My Dorm Room.  The wood is darker than last year, the room is bigger than last year, and I can control the temperature!  I’ve been trying to find my happy temperature (it’s somewhere between 70 and 76) since I moved in.  I’m not liking the fact that I sleep alone every night, and because of that, I haven’t been sleeping well, but I’m glad I have a bed to call my own.

3. Unlimited Free Time.  I’ve finished two books since I’ve been here, I can clean whenever I want, dance naked whenever I want, and eat in my bed without anyone complaining that I’m getting crumbs on my sheets.  I can come and go without having to tell someone where I’m headed, and I feel like an adult!  I do get a little bored, so I’m hoping to get hired so I won’t have to spend all day, every day in my lonely room.

What did you love this week?


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