Brown to Red

For about a week, I’ve been rocking the red ‘do, and I promised several people to blog about the change from dark brown to such a bright shade of red.  I’m not a professional, so don’t rely on what I did for your own hair.  I did my research and I suggest you do your own, as well.

So I started off with hair that looked like this:

It’s my natural color and I haven’t done much coloring to it since I’ve been in college.  I had a perm done in June 2010, so that’s the curl you see.  I made sure not to wash my hair the day I was planning to color it, and the first step was to cover my hairline in Repelle.

I got mine at Sally’s for about $4, but I’ve heard that Vaseline works just as well (and is cheaper).  I made sure to color everywhere my hair might brush; hairline, behind my ears, and on top of my ears.  (The color ended up getting everywhere else, but it washed off my skin really easily.)  For color, I used L’Oreal Technique Excellence HiColor HiLights in Magenta.  I got mine from Sally’s.  Each tube was about $6, and I got two.  This dye is made especially for dark hair, which is why my hair got so bright.

The developer I got was the one recommended for this color: L’Oreal Technique Oreor Creme Volume 30.

I could have used Volume 40 to get a much brighter color, but this stuff is harsh on hair.  If your hair is lighter than mine, go lower, perhaps Volume 20 or 10, because you won’t need much lift.  I also picked up some long metal clips (which was an amazing idea, because they held all the colored hair out of the way), a brush for the color, a mixing bowl, plastic gloves and some processing caps from Ulta and Sally’s.  After squeezing the entire tube of color into the bowl, I added the developer and mixed until it was completely smooth.  This is what we ended up with:

I sectioned my hair a bit to begin with (to make it easier on Krista, who was applying the color), and I slipped a plastic bag (which had been cut in certain spots) on and got ready to be colored:

Like I said before, the color got everywhere.  This is only one example of it getting places it didn’t belong; the “hickey”:

After Krista applied the color to my head, I slipped the cap on, and colored a section of her hair on the bottom with the leftover color (we ended up having to mix both tubes for all my hair).

We had to wait for 30 minutes, and that entire time was spent cleaning up the mess we had made in the bathroom.  Finally, I jumped in the shower and gently rubbed my hair under warm water.  I used a bit of Johnson’s baby soap (Krista has a little bother) to get the color off my forehead and neck, and rubbed a bit through my hair to remove the slick feeling.  After the water ran pretty much clear (just a bit pink), I rubbed some conditioner for red hair through and then rinsed.  I tried not to look at my hair as I towel dried it.

I blow-dried to get the true color:

And then ran a straightener over to make it sleek (because my hair gets poufy if I blow dry it):

When I went out the other night to see “Final Destination 5 3D”, I curled it a bit and was really happy with the results.

And that was my journey from brown to red.


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