Cut Me Some Slack

If I could eliminate one thing from our society, I would get rid of money.  Yes, this is going to be “one of those” blog posts, where I complain about money.  But don’t you think our society would be much better off without the dependence on money, and debt and credit?  Why not go back to a barter society?  One where you need to have an actual skill to get food or clothing or that pair of super cute running shoes that would look adorable on me.  I, for one, wouldn’t mind going into a restaurant and eating a nice meal, and then cleaning my table, my plate and sweeping, instead of handing over the plastic (or paper, when I have it).

And another gripe: why are jobs so hard to get these days?  Yes, I understand that you want someone with experience but HOW DO I GAIN EXPERIENCE IF NO ONE WILL HIRE ME SO I CAN GAIN THE EXPERIENCE YOU CRAVE?  Why is it so hard to understand that I NEED a job, and I will work hard if you hire me?  If I’m applying at your store (making the effort to go out into the hot sun and ask for an application), why would you think I wouldn’t work equally hard if you hired me?

I could go on and on about this topic, but really, complaining isn’t really going to get me anywhere.  I know that I need to get out and keep applying, but I’ve hit a wall.  I’ve applied at the places that are hiring, and I’ve yet to hear back from most of them.  The place that I wanted to work at the most (which I didn’t fully realize until I messed up) is probably not going to hire me, because after filling out 5 applications, theirs was at the bottom of the pile, and my answers were not great.  (“Gain retail experience” is not a great answer to “Why do you want to work here?”.  “Your clothing is the clothing I picture myself in as an Anthropologist” is a much better answer, and if my hand would not have been a claw at that point, that’s what I would have written.  Please ignore that lapse in judgment and interview me so I can prove how much I want to work there!)

All the places I applied to want experience, and though I have some, apparently, it’s not enough for them.  I can’t apply anywhere too far away because I don’t have a way to get there.  At this point, when I’m unable to buy food for myself, (seriously, after today, I’ll be out of the food I had; a lapse of planning on my part when I DID have money) a car would be an unwelcome expense.

Wait!  I could donate my plasma and make so much money!  No one really does that, and because of that reason, the people who do donate (sell, actually) get paid even more!  But wait.  You have to be 110 pounds.  I’m hovering at 106.  Foiled again.

I could cut back; get rid of my cell phone and save money that way.  But I’m 1000 plus miles from home and need a way to stay in contact with my family, who don’t know how to use a computer.  (I’ve also called Verizon and told them my situation, and they cut me some slack: good customer service.)

It’s so frustrating to realize how badly you need money and have no way to obtain it.  Why was I not born into a family that has never had money problems?  Why was I born in a century that is so dependent on money?

Naperville.  Please cut me some slack.  Throw me a bone, here.  (I may have to suck the marrow out of it to survive.)


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