My Night Routine

I’ve been thinking about sleep a lot lately, partly because I’ve been craving a FitBit to track my habits.  I don’t have nearly enough money to buy one (but it’s definitely been added to my wishlist), but I do try to get my best night’s sleep without being monitored.  I’ve always been one of those people who go to bed really early, and tend to get up really early (except in Vermont when I was WAY out of wack).  I’ve also been one of those people who preach about getting enough sleep.

Example One:
Them: “I can’t find a concealer to cover these dark circles of mine!  They’ve always been so dark!”
Me: “Maybe you should try getting some more sleep!”
Example Two:
Them: “My skin is super dry, what do you use for moisturizer?”
Me: “I use Olay, but if you sleep enough at night, you’ll hardly need moisturizer!”
Example Three:
Them: “I’ve been so tired lately.”
Me: “You know that experts recommend that you shut your computer off an hour before you are trying to sleep, right?  And you should always go to bed before 11, because you need to get your deepest REM sleep in the darkest part of the night.  If you get your deepest REM sleep when it’s getting light outside, you won’t be as rested when you wake up.”

Lately, I’ve been having a really hard time falling asleep and staying asleep (this is probably due to my anxiousness about having yet another nightmare).  But I’ve come up with a routine that tells my body that it’s almost time to go to bed, and calms me down a lot.

I start with brushing my hair and putting oil in it.  I brush it until it’s really smooth, and either braid the two sides or leave it down.  (Most of the time this step is at the beginning and the end.  If I do it twice, the first time I do it, I’ll put my hair up so it doesn’t get wet.)

After that, I get my SkinSonic, squeeze a bunch of cleanser on it, grab my towel and head to the bathroom.  I wet my face and the SkinSonic with warm-ish water.  I turn it on and cleanse each part of my face for about 20 seconds.  I rinse the head off and run it over my lips to get any dead skin off.  Then I splash water over my face to rinse and dry it with my towel.  I’ll usually brush my teeth afterwards.

Back in my room, I switch heads (from the sensitive to the lotion) and dry the water off the SkinSonic.  I put about a quarter sized amount of lotion in my hand, and about half that amount of Aloe Vera over top.  I rub them together and apply the mixture to my face, rubbing it in all over.  When it’s pretty much all rubbed in, I grab my SkinSonic and rub a little bit of Aloe on the head before turning it on and massaging the lotion/Aloe onto my skin.  (My skin is so so soft after this point!  The instructions said to apply the lotion with the SkinSonic, but I found that my face was greasy because it didn’t absorb as well.  My hands both warm and work the product into my skin, and then the SkinSonic works with any residual.)

Then I get three things from my beauty drawer; Great Lash clear mascara, e.l.f Zit Zapper and Colgate Simply White Night.  I apply the Zit Zapper around my nose (because I always seem to have breakouts there) and anywhere else there’s a blemish.  Next, I apply a layer of the Simply White Night whitening gel over my front teeth (the ones you can see when I smile.  I only apply on the top because of my overbite.  There’s no use in whitening your cheek teeth, because no one ever sees them!) and bare my teeth so my lips don’t rub any off.

With my teeth bared, I use my doctored Great Lash clear mascara.  Somewhere, I read that a drop of Lavender essential oil in your mascara will strengthen lashes.  I did that, and after wearing that mascara, I noticed that my eyelashes were growing like crazy!  But the oil in the mascara, if it flakes, might get in your eyes, and that burns really bad.  So I put some in clear mascara.  I apply a coat on the top of the top lashes, and then apply like a normal mascara on both the top and bottom lashes.  Then I run a bit through my brows.  I’ve seen major improvement with my eyelashes and eyebrows; my lashes are thicker, darker, and way longer.  They also look glossy and healthy when they’re bare (which is most of the time) and I hardly have a reason to wear mascara anymore (unless I need major drama on the eyes)!  My brow hairs are glossier, too.

Last, but not least, I apply a thick coat of lip balm to last me through the night (and wake up with super soft lips).

After all of that’s done, I take a Melatonin to help me fall/stay asleep, drink some water (if I’m really thirsty), and then crawl into bed to read until my eyes get heavy.  I set my air to around 72; it’s not so cold that I’m shivering, but its cool enough that I can cuddle with blankets and sleep really well.

Every morning since I started this routine, I wake up with soft lips, smooth hair, incredibly white teeth, and skin so bright and clean that I hardly need to use concealer the next day.

That’s my nightly routine…do you guys do anything special to help you wind down before you go to bed?  How long have you been doing it?


One thought on “My Night Routine

  1. I journal before going to bed. It’s a simple way for me to GET OUT all those things I’ve been thinking about and worrying over before going to bed – and get them onto paper. I also keep a notebook/pen next to my bed because I often wake up once during the middle of the night (maybe more) and have an idea that I need to write down, or a blog post that needs creating. It can be long nights sometimes.

    Before I go to bed I always nest. I have lots of pillows – and usually move them around on my bed. I also don’t like ANY light in my room, so cover up any blinking lights, blue lights, etc….Then I turn on my white noise sounds on iTunes. Then I’m asleep so fast and quick.

    Love this post.

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